Atlas Bipod BT10 Review 2018


  • Directly mounts to Picatinny rails
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable, that gives you an extended height variety
  • Super-flexible legs that move independently
  • Supports panning and can’t skills


  • Expensive (but worth every money given its distinctive attributes which gives you the best shooting experience)

Atlas Bipod BT10 comes second in our list of the best atlas bipods owing to its professional grade quality. And if you didn’t know, the bipod has undergone many tests by professionals as well as civilians.

Throughout the tests on Iraqi sands and Bull shooting sessions, the bipod has become the winner along with the most outstanding selection of the bipod for any shooters.

Concerning features, this bipod doesn’t fail. It has been designed by an elite team of engineers who have injected every important element into it.

These attributes teams up to give you flexibility when making adjustments, searching for equilibrium that is shooting. High profile and durability shooting accuracy are as well ensured.

Features and advantages of BT10 Atlas Bipod Include:
Fully Adjustable Legs

All of the legs of atlas bipods have something in common. They expand from 4.75 to 9 inches, unlike bipod made by other brands. That’s a little bit of cake for each shooter.

You can make any adjustments you wish to. Even when working from the unforeseen terrain!

Other additional features to increase flexibility comprise a 45 levels leg movement. You can independently move the legs backward above this angle and lock it into five possible leg positions.
Pan and Cant Functionality

As s shooter, your worst experience is when your target appears to the left, right or you’re cemented into your initial shooting position. However, you don’t need to worry again.

You may turn this worst encounter into an advantage by using this atlas bipod. It presents you with a 30 levels total panning as well as 30 degrees total can’t functionalities.

These can help you make your firearm easily move from left to right whilst resting on the bipod.

The capacity to tilt your gun and therefore align the crosshair is an uncommon feature in bipods in the marketplace. This leaves the users of these bipods desperate to find the right shooting positions.

With this atlas bipod, however, the problem is fully solved.

You can pan your gun and make the most striking shooting position from an.
BT10 Atlas Bipod is Super-Strong and Durable

Having been made from kind three hard anodized, there is no single doubt this is among the strongest bipods from B&T. Its springs and fasteners to are made from stainless steel, increasing the overall sturdiness of the bipod.

This guarantees you of the much-needed strength to support the weight of your rifle. It makes the bipod last for so long that you will never regret having bought it. Despite the metals used to design it, the atlas is quite light. It is around 10.5 ounces. Consequently, it doesn’t add weight to your gun’s front end.

The light-weight factor also implies that you take the bipod along with you conveniently. Verdict. If you are a severe shooter searching for a fantastic atlas bipod to match your requirements, Atlas Bipod BT10 is here for you. With distinctive features and the very first of its type from the bipods stadium, you may rest assured that this is the article modern bipod to alter how you carry out your shootings. Purchase the bipod today while the stock lasts and be the very first of your mates to enjoy the characteristics of the most excellent bipod on the marketplace.