BEST! Atlas Bipod BT10-LW17

Altas Bipod Reviews: Are These Value Purchasing In 2018

Atlas bipods, since their introduction into the current market, they’ve enjoyed a steady increase in popularity through the years. The bipods’ designer, B&T Industries , promises to present you with bipods having a distinctive set of qualities that you’ll not like from some other brand.

The fact in this uniqueness claim could be seen in the longest assortment of heights offered by their thighs, a novel 45 degrees independent leg movement, incorporated pan and Cant, etc..

These are a few of the characteristics you’ll enjoy using on your shooting actions. You won’t locate another bipod on the market which supports these features.

Atlas bipods are a bit of impressive engineering, as reflected by their durability, ergonomics and refined designs.

But wait!

Which of the numerous atlas bipods ranks as the best one?

If you’re looking to get an answer to this question, come along with me as I take you through the intriguing features and incredible precision capacities of the best atlas bipod

Best Atlas Bipod: ACCU-SHOT ATLAS Bipod with ADM 170-S Lever Review


  • Gives your rifle a grip
  • Enables you to rapidly attach and detach your rifle
  • Legs lock and can fold in 45 degrees in each position
  • Made from aluminum and steel, making it durable
  • Mounted directly to the 1913 style Picatinny rail
  • Lightweight
  • The pan and cannot functionality enhances flexibility


  • Expensive (but the cost is compared to its amazing features)

Our benefit to get the best atlas bipods belongs to ACCU-SHOT ATLAS Bipod. The very first impression you’ll get from this bipod is its unusual and attractive design.

Other than this, the bipod provides you with the most extended range of heights, unlike any other bipod which exists in the industry. You’ll be able to adjust the bipods from an altitude as low as 4.75 inches to as large as 9.0 inches.

At the top of this, the bipod is made from durable materials that make it 100% solid. Regardless of the active substances used to make it, the bipod has a little weight.

This serves to give you the shooting strength and stability you’re looking for irrespective of the terrain you’re working from.

The bipod proves again that Atlas bipods have characteristics that set them in a class of their own. Let’s look at the uniqueness of the bipod is portrayed in other features it comes along with…

Characteristics and advantages of ACCU-SHOT ATLAS Bipod:

Adjustable Legs that move independently

We’ve already mentioned how short, or long the bipod legs may go. For emphasis, however, we’ve to say again that the legs of ACCU-SHOT ATLAS Bipod could be stretched out of 4.75-9.0 inches.

This gives you several heights to choose from. Nothing will stop you from attaining the stability you need for. And remember that this is the only bipod that offers you a broad assortment of heights to choose from.

All of the other bipods are confined to shorter ranges. Using this bipod, therefore, allows you to relish an opportunity that is very rare in the market.

Aside from the extension factor, the two legs move independently of every other. They are even able to be set up in a position of 45 degrees, either backward or forwards.

This doesn’t indicate that the traditional 90 degrees position has been wiped out in this bipod. Additionally, it is featured, but with a more advanced design.

You can deploy the position facing directly to the front or rear. Above all, you can lock your rifle into five leg positions via an arc of 180 degrees.
Superb Panning and Cant Ability

Panning and cannot attributes have been well laid out in this particular bipod. As a shooter, you’ll get to enjoy 30 total degrees left to right movement/tilting plus a cannot think of 30 complete degrees.

How are the planning and cannot characteristics of assistance to you?

Well, with such a superbly you may easily align your crosshairs on the target irrespective of how bad the terrain you’re working out of appears.
ACCU-SHOT ATLAS Bipod is made from Pure Steel and Aluminum

The bipod has no space for plastic All over; it is coated with aluminum and steel alloys. The two metals act as the sources of the strength of this ACCU-SHOT ATLAS Bipod.

You can, in actuality, feel how sturdy the bipod is by carrying it into your hands.

But with such power, the bipod has the ability to provide you with rock support whilst comfortably holding your gun. Reaching stability and therefore more accurate shots become a simple task.

Tired and angry about how your tactical bipod is working?


It’s time to make a change. Purchase ACCU-SHOT ATLAS Bipod today, and you’ll never repent having taken action. It’s a bipod which you won’t even get frustrated or tired with as it responds for all of your requirements.