How to buy a Harris Bipod


What type of bipod is ideal for youpersonally? Do you want a solid base or a hinged base? What position to do typically shoot out of? Are you looking for something with extra attributes, or a basic bipod to complete the job? All Harris Bipod models can be seen in basic and upgraded models, each additional letter from the model implies that particular design has extra features.

The entire Harris Bipod lineup is 100% American made with high quality aluminum alloy and steel, and each of the bipods (including the tall models) weigh less than two lbs. They also feature easy installation and require no tools.

M Style

“M Style” Bipods feature notched legs. These notches provide exact height references and ensure that both sides of the bipod are in the exact same level, providing the shooter with a level, precise shot.

We really recommend this feature, as the top fifty shooters reviewed for the Precision Rifle Blog all had bipods with notches

S Style

S Style bipods are bipods with a swivel feature. If you plan to take your gun outside on irregular terrain, the swivel is the ideal way to adjust without adjusting your bipod leg peaks. Swivels work nicely for making minor adjustments, fast.

Do you Want a Bipod Adapter?

In case your rifle doesn’t have factory-installed studs, you’ll also need to buy a rifle adapter to mount your rifle onto your Harris bipod.

6-9 in. Harris Bipods

The 6-9 in. Bipod model is considered the “bench rest” model because its design yields optimum results in the range, on a bench, low to the floor. This is considered the most well-known height, due to its stability. This height category is also well-liked among pistol shooters for its shorter stature.

9-13 in. Harris Bipods

13.5-27 in. Harris Bipods

These models are the tallest in the Harris Bipod collection and are designed for the specially tall or heavyset person, or even for snowy conditions. The three-piece leg extension makes for an easily adjustable design and weighs an extremely small 1.2 lbs.

Made with the high quality materials that Harris is notorious for, these models are durable, resilient, and effective.