Harris Bipod 1A2-25C Review

The Harris Bipod 1A2-25C is a good base bipod with three bit legs for adjustable height and spring return. This model is fantastic for shooters seeking to shoot from a sitting position and perfect for hunting in conditions that aren’t appropriate for low-to the floor bipods such as dense vegetation or snow. This bipod is incredibly sturdy, durable, and resilient because it’s made with premium quality aluminium alloy and steel. The Harris Bipod 1A2-25C is an extremely specialised bipod model and perfect for specific conditions. Tall or heavy set shooters will appreciate the greater view, and also those shooting at a sitting position, and still others who’re searching in conditions the decreased bipods can’t accommodate, like a dense underbrush or deep snow.

Why Shooters love this Bipod: Shooters love this bipod because it fills a very specific niche that’s often overlooked. Shooters who’re searching for stability and accuracy at a greater point of view absolutely love this model because it gives them the freedom to shoot at an elevated view, above challenges or from a seat. Potential Withdrawals: This bipod only has 3 adjustable lengths and doesn’t possess notched legs. This variety could be limiting to some shooters.

In addition, this bipod model doesn’t have a swivel, that makes adjusting your more manual intensive.s shooters with one inches increments to get fast and efficient height changes.