Harris Bipod S-BR Review

The S-BR is a Harris Bipod with swivel abilities, but has smooth legs. This bipod model has everything that the HBLMS has, but with smooth legs. Shooters who favor a more custom height adjustment love this module because it’s doesn’t restrict shooter at 1 inch increments. The swivel also allows for a more custom selection of motion for goal, ideal for moving targets and irregular terrain. This light-weight design combined with an integrated sling swivel stud is a durable, versatile, and user friendly mount that is perfect for the shooter who’s searching for a mount that adapts to the battle at hand.

Why Shooters love this Bipod: Shooters love this bipod because it’s numerous characteristics, which give the shooter more control over the rifle. The American top quality materials, efficient design, and the swivel base also gives an arrow greater motion range when planning. The height of the bipod also helps its versatility. The Harris Bipod S-BR bipod is perfect for the field and hunting. Possible Setbacks: The smooth legs aren’t for everyone. Shooters frequently find that smooth legs are easily lopsided, and adjustments can be tough to make while keeping an even, flat plain. Notched legs are accessible with the HBLMS model, that provides shooters with one inches increments to get fast and efficient height changes.