Harris Bipod 1A2-LM Review

The Harris Bipod 1A2-LM is a solid base based on 9-13 in. Bipod with notched and spring loaded legs for fast, efficient, and reliable deployment. A solid base means an arrow is going to need to manually extend the legs as opposed to folding them into the rifle. Without the swivel, minor adjustment to target will also be more manually intensive. Since this mount doesn’t feature a swivel, the 1A2-LM is perfect for a shooting range but has limited capabilities with regards to hunting game.

Nevertheless, there are adapters available to accomplish these abilities. Why Shooters love this Bipod: Shooters love this bipod because it easily installs without any tools required. Also, the spring-loaded legs produce a fast, efficient installation, ready for action at the push of a button. The notched legs will also be ideal for, balanced legs, which adds to precision. The polished materials are light-weight, and a sleek design fits exceptionally well to the rifle. Shooters love how reliable a shot is, how simple making minor adjustments are, and how safe the bipod holds up while shooting. Potential Setbacks: Since this bipod is a solid foundation, it isn’t designed to search game. Without a swivel, adjustments have to be made into the legs of the bipod, as opposed to fine-tuning purpose with swivel features.

Nevertheless, aftermarket parts could be added with this result, and those that would prefer to have a swivel can buy the HBLMS model.