Harris Bipod S-LM Review

Consider this bipod the Cadillac of the 9-13 in. Models. The Harris Bipod S-LM is versatile elevation, has spring loaded legs for fast and efficient setup, has notched legs for level prep, has an articulated base, and aerodynamic control. With the top quality value of Harris and its own feature rich in design, the S-LM is evidenced from riflemen everywhere who want a versatile rest that’s fantastic for the bench along with game searching. The S-LM is made with aluminium alloy and steel, and it is lasting design holds up to whatever beatings you put it through. Installation is simple, and the spring loaded legs make setup fast and effective.

Why Shooters love this Bipod: The S-LM Harris Bipod will last for a long time. It is made of top quality materials, and boasts tons of features which are equally useful and potent. The S-LM bipod works nicely in virtually every situation, along with the swivel allows aim adjustments easy and effortless. Overall, this feature rich product streamlines the shooting experience, and its versatility makes the S-LM a competitor in virtually every situation. Possible Setbacks: The greater positioning of the bipod makes bench shooting harder for some people. Other than that, shooters have only praise for the S-LM 9-13 in. Model..