Harris Bipod 1A2-BRM Review

This bipod is ready for whatever you. This bipod mounts into the sling swivel stud, also comes along with spring-loaded legs which release on the ground, notched legs for predetermined and incredibly accurate elevation, and has a sleek, beautiful design. Many shooters love this bipod since it’s made from top quality materials, and is a durable bipod which can withstand the test of time, even in harsh environments. These bipods were designed to create a beating while maintaining a deadly accuracy and a feeling of style. The Harris Bipod 1A2-BRM is a straightforward model which gets the job done.

While it might not have an articulated base or swivel abilities, this bipod is considered the best in its class.

Why Shooters love this Bipod: Shooters that are searching for a basic, but sturdy bipod rave about the 1A2-

BRM. The item itself comes in an elegant black design that is suitable for the color of the rifle, the spring release legs make for easy set-up, and its low-to-the-ground height adds to deadly accuracy. This bench rest bipod is ideal for shooters who frequent the scope but are not frequently out shooting. Possible Setbacks: The only criticism that shooters have for the 1A2-BRM is it does not have more attributes. On the other hand, the same model with an articulated base and swivel capabilities can be obtained for a more significant cost.

Overall, most shooters love this bipod and find it the ideal mix of quality and value. Upgraded versions are readily available to consumers that are searching for more feature rich bipod.