Harris Bipod S-BRM Review

A bipod is a really handy accessory for shooting with lots of distinct kinds of long guns. The purpose of the class is to provide a fixed point of stability that will minimize the movement of the firearm while planning to improve precision. A bipod provides such an easy, simple purpose that it may be simple to assume you do not need to buy an expensive one. There are certainly many inexpensive solutions out there, but the adage of you get what you pay for, certainly applies. I purchased an el-cheapo generic model, and a screw stripped while installing it on the railing of my AR-15 – so badly that I really had to use a drill and a Dremel tool to cut the damn thing off my gun.

I learned my lesson and started to research the quality, trusted names and products within this section, which Take me to Harris Engineering along with the S BRM Bipod. Before I get into what I enjoy about the Harris Bipod S-BRM , allow me to address my only complaint. The S BRM isn’t designed out from the box to affix on a standard Picatinny rail, also needs one to buy a separate adapter if you mean to rail mount it to your rifle. While I fully understand that not all of the rifles have rails, I’d think for the cost of the bipod. They might include an adapter for all those customers who do require them.

Fortunately, the adapter is not an expensive thing to buy , This minor gripe apart, The Harris S BRM works just as I’d like it to for shooting my AR-15 either seated in a bench/table, or shooting likely: The construction quality of the S BRM is excellent, and the legs may extend for a height adjustment ranging between 6 and 9 inches. When not being used, the thighs conveniently fold up against the bottom of the rifle also doesn’t add considerably to the total weight. The rubber legs on the ends of the bipod’s legs additionally help to create a secure, no slide, shooting stage, along with the bipod can not or tilt on each side that’s a flexible capacity in some conditions. Harris Engineering has years of experience in turning bipods and is the golden standard in the business. Learn from my mistake, and purchase a quality bipod to start with, and jump on the Chinese made a knock offs.