Ghost Evo Elite – Trigger Connector for Glock

Ghost, Inc has recently developed a trigger connector for the Glock 17 called the Evo Elite. The impression that this particular product has made is quite remarkable to say the least. The overall impression that it has made from many of the customers who have experienced this remarkable device is one that has generated quite a bit of buzz for the trigger.

Standing for “Evolution” the Evo Elite was designed to be simple to use and install while offering many advantages in the process of using it with your Glock. One of the more subtle, but important advantages is that this model eliminates the glitch or lurch that is felt when the draw bar meets the connector just before the firing pin has been released. This means that you always get a constant pull weight when using the trigger across its full range of motion for a nice, even pull.

The draw bar will engage the Evo Elite in a different manner than the standard stock connector that you find with the Glock. This new process is what helps the Elite eliminate the bump which would otherwise disrupt your aim and concentration. In addition, the connector has a trigger control tab which offers a nice break when in use. Installing the trigger kit is generally straightforward and includes a firing pin spring and trigger spring that each pull at 6 lbs. However, the actual pull weight from the center of the trigger is just 5.25 lbs which makes it smooth and easy to handle. For those who shoot in competitions, a 4 lb firing pin spring is included as well.

Why the Evo Elite Really Works

There are many reasons why this particular trigger system works so well on the Glock, but getting rid of that annoying bump is probably the most obvious one. Ghost Inc. has certainly focused on this element of their new trigger design to ensure that Glock owners are now happy that the one biggest aspect of their trigger pull is now put behind them.

However, does the new glock trigger actually perform better than the standard model? The answer is not so surprisingly “yes” given that the bump was one of the most annoying aspects about most Glocks. By taking away the bump and providing a smooth pull, the shooter is able to get themselves into a better rhythm and focus more on the target rather than become distracted.

For many, the elimination of the bump has really helped change their view of the Glock and shown off its more positive features. This is certainly one big reason why the Evo Elite has really helped to change the perception of the Glock from what it might do to what it can do with the right trigger pull.

How the Evo Elite Performs on Other Weapons

Many people might ask themselves if the Evo Elite is as effective with their weapons as it is with the Glock. Even though the trigger pull situation is different with respected guns like the G21, the improvement is still the same and the bump which had previously affected the standard trigger on that weapon is gone as well.

Smooth and fast seem to be the catchwords that people use when describing the Evo Elite trigger. But it also applies to the reset function as well. It feels much more crisp which is something that you will hear and feel when using the new trigger. Ultimately, you get no bump, a clean break and a much better reset over the standard triggers. This is something that people should consider for their weapons as well.


If you are very familiar with your Glock and have done a lot of work in terms of polishing and grinding, then you can probably install the trigger yourself. However, if you are not that comfortable with doing such work, then have a gunsmith do it for you. Although Ghost has included a detailed set of instructions to help you through the process with clear pictures, if you have any doubts it is best to let the gunsmith handle this detail.


Bottom line, the Evo Elite will really work wonders for shooters, particularly those who enjoy using Glock pistols in their efforts. The professionals need no encouragement to use this new trigger, but those who want to improve their efforts when competing should definitely invest in the Evo Elite to smooth out one of the most annoying aspects of firing your Glock weapon.

However, it must be noted that you will have more difficulty removing the slide which does not affect the performance of your gun. As the connection breaks in over time, the slide will become easier to remove. Ghost does have a more immediate solution if you cannot wait for the device to break in, so give them a call and they will walk you through the process.

All things considered, this new trigger kit which comes in at less than $50 is simply a revelation that many Glock owners will love. If you have any desire to shoot competitively or simply want to eliminate that annoying bump, then the Ghost Evo Elite is definitely for you.