In Plain Sight: The Vortex SPAR

Others say that quality and durable red dot sights are hard to come by. Well, not really, because they are rare, but because they require investment and particularity. Many big-name brands offer these on their shelves, but it usually comes with a hefty price tag. Only the most hardcore and – pun intended – loaded gun enthusiasts would be willing to drop up to six figures just to own good quality sights. Now if you are budget is a mere couple of hundred dollars, never fear. The Vortex SPARC will suit your needs.

The Brand

They say blazing fires can come from one tiny spark and with Vortex SPARC, you can be sure there is going to be a furnace. Known for its quality, Vortex Optics offers one of the most budget-friendly sights available in the market. With its compact shape and stellar features, it can keep a wide variety of firearms in good company.

The Sight Specs

SPARC stands for Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat. Moreover, with Vortex sights, the SPARC becomes one lean mean sight machine. Just 22 mm in lens diameter, it weighs just a little over five ounces and has a length of 3 inches. Its three-piece base allows for a multi-height system that is capable of mounting several types of firearms including pistols, shotguns, and AR15’s.

Construction features of this red dot sight include a one-piece tube that maximizes strength and in particular, waterproofness. How? Well, in order to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from contaminating the scope, the optics are sealed tight with O-rings. Furthermore, the Vortex SPARC is not only fog proof and shockproof, it is also parallax-free further than fifty yards with infinite eye relief. Battery life is nothing to laugh about either. Even at the maximum brightness settings, it can run up to 120 hours and more in low light and night sight approach. To further maximize battery life, it even comes with a six-hour auto-shut down feature so you will not have to worry about draining the battery by leaving it on for long periods of time.

What is in the box? This Vortex sight is bundled with two batteries and extra screws, a one-piece elastic lens cover. For lower-third cowitness, flush mounting, as well as absolute cowitness, Vortex SPARC also threw in three riser mounts.

The Reasons to Buy

At just under three hundred dollars, what guns and ammo enthusiast will pass up to this opportunity? A similar red dot sight with specs that come close would normally come close to a thousand dollars, much like the EOTech variety. So what other reasons are out there?

  1. Value for Money

This cannot be stressed enough. With so many useful and practical features, the Vortex SPARC is the ultimate package in red dot sights. It definitely delivers on its promises.

  1. Quality

Not all similarly priced sights can offer the same grit and efficiency like Vortex Optics. It has been known to withstand good ol’ natured rough handling.

  1. Flexibility

As mentioned earlier, the Vortex SPARC can be mounted on practically any garden-variety firearm – from pistols to shotguns even on AR15’s.