Aimpoint Pro -Patrol Rifle Optic Review

As we all know high quality optics aren’t necessary for every weapon, nor are they needed by every operator. Optics improve certain weapons a lot when they are used extensively. Winchester lever action weapons can just work with their plain old iron sights for instance, while weapons like the AR15/M16 simply beg for a good optics device to sit on them. Just looking good with an accessory like optic devices can happen with just any cheap thing you can buy anywhere for a few dozen dollars. To be sure you actually have the optics device that will turn your AR15 into the best weapon it can be you should rely on a name like Aimpoint.

What is the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic?

In short, it is the red dot sight every serious AR15 owner has been dreaming about for years. Everyone in the industry knows that Aimpoint has already created some seriously amazing technological feats when it comes to combat optics. Just take the Aimpoint T1 for instance, which is better than most sights and comes in almost half the size too. The Aimpoint PRO (patrol rifle optics) is just another one of those feats in its own way.

It comes with a spacer that makes the Pro sit higher on your weapon. This way it is easier aligned to your iron sights. It is so precise that at 100 yards the red dot covers half of an inch! That’s really hard to beat.

The housing of the Aimpoint PRO is made from aluminum so that it is both light and durable. It’s very practical that the lens covers are attached to the housing with hinges, making it almost impossible to lose the covers. Actually the rear cover consists of a clear window, which can help you aim even when the front cover is down if something sudden happens. This can be done if the operator keeps both eyes open. This way one of your eyes will see the dot, while the other can aim. This technique takes a little bit of practice, but once mastered it is a life-saver.

A single battery keeps that little red dot bright and shining for three whole years continuously. This means that you don’t have to switch the sight off, nor do you have to change batteries all the time.

It’s a great feature that the lenses are places deeper inside the housing, so that no shock or an accidental hit from your can break them. It is also very easy to attack scopes and other accessories onto them. All the knobs etc are covered by linked covers to keep them protected as well.

What do you need a Aimpoint PRO for?

That is quite easy to answer: Red dot sights like the Aimpoint PRO make aiming much, much easier. They might not be the most precise tools in the world, but if used correctly the dot will show you where your bullet will hit with great accuracy. It is a good thing that even if you don’t aim correctly, like for instance if you don’t keep the sight well aligned with your eye, the red dot will still show you about where your bullet will hit.

Just by removing the spacer, the Aimpoint PRO becomes ideal for other weapons as well, aside from the AR. This makes it possible to use this amazing sight even with an SMG or a shotgun.

Another useful feature of the Pro is that it does not deform your rail or weapon when it is mounted. Even if you tighten your mount too much with the knob, a spring and some special teeth will ensure that the mount does not damage the parts it is mounted on.

It’s just unbelievable, but the Aimpoint PRO can actually stay waterproof 150 feet deep into water. Even though few would try that out with such a precious accessory, it is still good to know how well made this sight is.

The Pro comes at a price that reflects exactly what it is: A top notch professional weapon sight. People who need a sight that is this good would pay thrice as much for all the features of this amazing piece of technology. At over 400$ the Pro is the sight of a true Pro-fessional!