Magpul MOE Handguard Review

Magpul M.O.E. Hand Guard Review

Magpul is one of those names you simply must have heard of if you are seriously into guns. They make probably the best and most popular polymer accessories for the AR15 and are especially known for their sturdy furniture that can turn your old or new AR15 rifle into a better weapon. The MOE product line is one people seem to have mixed thoughts about and this is why we will review these items. MOE stands for Magpul original equipment and is a whole line of polymer AR15 furniture which comes in many colors and they are pretty affordable accessories.

Longer rail systems are often less popular. Carbine length is something that has to be practiced with and it takes some time getting used to. To test the MOE out completely you should try and built a carbine length system around it, so that you can fully appreciate its functionality and quality. While many such systems feel heavy or cheap, the Magpul MOE has a real high quality look and feel to it. It is quite thinner that the usual covers that come with your weapon and weighs less than the usual quad rails you can choose from. Still the MOE feels sturdier than both those choices.

It is important to note that the MOE is not a round or oval shape, but more of a polygon. It has two flat sides at the 2 and 10 o’clock positions, which are more useful than the typical 3 and 9 ones. There are special slots on the sides, so that you can mount special MOE accessories easily onto it. The whole design makes it simple to create combinations of rails-accessories without having to bother with too many sets of screws and odd complications.

The best feature of the MOE is how cool it remains even when the weapon is continuously fired and smoke comes up from the ports on its top. The lukewarm feeling even when the weapon is fully operational can be attributed to the amazing inner heat shield. It can take amazing amounts of heat and damage and still look as good as new. Even after firing thousands of rounds you’ll barely notice it on your MOE.

This Magpul handguard is perfect to raise anyone’s confidence in polymer products. It is important to note that using this MOE to mount your accessories can save you a lot of money, since you won’t have to buy expensive rail systems instead. While a good rail system can cost you up to 800$ the MOE comes at a super cheap 30$. That is certainly worth a try. Polymer allows many styles and colors as well, so you can customize your weapon’s looks as well as its utility. The MOE isn’t just a cheap alternative for rail systems; it is an affordable way to try out something new and of high quality!