EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight Review

Eotech-Military-DiscountEOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight Review

EOTech is one of those names that you simply can’t ignore if you are a serious weapon owner. They make very expensive, extreme quality optic devices, which nobody can really compare to. Military and law enforcement organizations use EOTech technology worldwide and even some civilians with the right pocket and attitude like to own one of these beauties.

EOTech devices are thoroughly tested and each and every product they create is handpicked and amazing. This review will be about the EOTeh EXPS2-0 holographic weapon sight. So, let’s look at this sight from a professional’s point of view.

The moment you receive your brand new EOTeh EXPS2-0 you will notice and hard case it comes in. This is always part of EOTech products and protects your expensive new accessory from taking any damage while travelling to you from the factory. It is simply amazing how small a space your sight actually takes up when you see it in that case for the first time.

This new model does not come with the typical AA battery compartment people might have been used to on the Eotech 512 and 552 models. This is because simply they preferred to change the huge battery space for a smaller one, which made them choose CR123 batteries instead of the typical AA ones. They might be harder to procure, but the extra 2 inch space you will now have on your rail is certainly worth it for most professionals.

Even with the CR123 batteries the EOTeh EXPS2-0 will work continuously for 600 hours on the default brightness setting. You can easily program your sight to switch automatically off at 4 or 8 hours of continuous use, so that you’ll never leave it on for a whole night without knowing. This ensures that you won’t run out of battery if you are careless and still offers a lot of time for a huge operation in the dark.

Once the battery falls to 20% your reticle will pulse upon activation, which still leaves you 5 whole days of operation before you will just have to change the battery.

Even in the extreme case that your sights runs out of juice you will notice with pleasure that the window is perfect to use your iron sights with and you are still able to shoot as if you never had a sight at all. For the standard AR the EOTeh EXPS2-0 is just a few millimeters too low for a perfect co-witness with your iron sights.

Do you want to have a single setting for pretty much every level of brightness you can detect? Well the EOTeh EXPS2-0 does more than that. With 20 setting the difference is so subtle that you’ll be amazed how you can see just as fine at any time of day. This sight does not feature night vision compatibility, but for those night owls you can get the EOTeh EXPS3-0 version instead and pay an extra 80$ for your night vision compatibility. A small price for those who need it!

The typical reticle is a circle with a true 1MOA dot. You can also use the variant, which has two 1MOA dots instead. Just place the circle around the target and you will be ready to aim with extreme precision. This way you can be extremely fast acquiring and shooting a target.

Tests have shown that the target acquisition of the EOTeh EXPS2-0 is extremely fast. You can be certain with a 1MOA that the dot shows that square inch where your bullet will land. This is as precise as most people need it to be!

The sight simply looks amazing on your weapon and it clamps easily onto your typical military standard 1913 rail. It is extremely easy to remove and place the sight and EOTech swear that the sight remains zeroed to a 2MOA precision even when moved. Tests have shown that this claim is quite accurate.

You now can enjoy an O-ring sealed cap on your battery compartment, which can’t be lost. This is quite an important detail if you think how expensive and precious every part of your EOTech sight is. The new battery compartment style also offers lots of space on your rail, which is quite a bonus.

The unlimited eye relief you expect from such a great sight offer you the ability to place the sight anywhere on your rail you like. You don’t need any special tools to dismount and mount your sight. A simple coin can do the trick.

You might wonder why someone would spend so much money on an accessory like the EOTeh EXPS2-0. Ask yourself the question: do you trust your life on a typical 30$ red dot sight? You’d be crazy to do so, especially if you try and realize how much better the EOTeh

EXPS2-0 will protect you with its superior design and technology.

You don’t need an EOTech to hunt vermin on a ranch, but if you need to precisely shoot a target at 300 yard and your life depends on it, then EOTech is the only reasonable way to go.

The vision through your window is always clear thanks to the fog proof anti-glare coating and the EOTeh EXPS2-0 looks and feels solid.

The only downside is that you can’t co-witness with your AR iron sights perfectly and that is something that might bothersome.

All in all, the EOTeh EXPS2-0 is an amazing piece of technology made for those who really appreciate a high quality sight!