Using EOTech XPS2 for Patrolling Purposes

It’s no secret that different types of optics fulfill different roles. If you know exactly what you want your sight for it will be much easier to choose the correct one when you shop for one. You might want a sight for your sport weapon, which you will cozily use at a range once in a while, or you might need an optic device that will save your life the moment something extremely dangerous happens around you. In this article we will talk about a sight that is mostly used for the latter.

If you have a weapon that is there to be used in dangerous operations or has to be ready to protect you on your patrols, then the EOTech line of sights is perfect for you. They are simply so well made and reliable that you can rely your life on their quality. The EOTech XPS2 is a sight most people wish they could place on pretty much every rifle they own, but the price tag makes it more important to be used on weapons that are there to save your life and the lives of others.

Plenty of shooters out there have the serious issue that their dominant eye in on the opposite side of their bodies than their dominant hand. This can raise issues with long rifles, where you can only then use your weak eye to shoot. In those cases an EOTech XPS2 can be the perfect solution for you, because the short size and large window allow you to aim perfectly even with your weaker eye. Since 20-30% have this weakness it is well worth investigating if you too need a better sight.

Many people find it difficult to look around and still aim through their sight. EOTech XPS2 makes even that easier, since it makes it simple to use both eyes to aim and look at your environment. This makes the EOTech XPS2 perfect for when you have to search building, while also being ready to shoot.

For a cream of the crop optic the EOTech XPS2 has a reasonable price at 500 (or sometimes more) dollars. The battery can keep the sight working for 600 hours straight without shutting it off, if you keep it on the default 12 brightness. The EOTech XPS2 features 20 brightness settings all in all, so you can aim perfectly from dawn to dusk. It weighs only 8oz and can be placed 10 feet underwater without anything happening to it. It is amazing how little space it takes up on your rail system. Elevation and windage adjustment is easy and the screws are recessed so that knocks don’t accidentally change your adjustments. With the simply use of a coin or any similar object you can easily adjust your windage and elevation further, anywhere.

You can perfectly co-witness with an AR’s iron sights, which is a great bonus. The EOTech XPS2 uses CR123 batteries, which are often the same batteries used in flashlights and other accessories. The sight comes with two mounting screws, a thumb screw and an Allen screw.

It is extremely simple to use your EOTech XPS2, since you can’t really rely on finesse in dangerous situations. Pressing either the up or down button will turn the sight on, so you don’t have to worry in a stressful situation which button to press. The difference is that the up button sets the sight on 8 hours operation time, while the down button sets in on 4. To turn the sight off manually you have to press both buttons at the same time. The cap on your battery compartment can’t get lost, since it is fixed onto the sight with a retention wire.

Even after two full years of hard low enforcement work, the EOTech XPS2 won’t lose its zero at all. One serious drawback of the line is that some shifts do last more than the 8 hours an EOTech XPS2 will continuously run and the battery life is far shorter than that of the average aimpoint sight, which lasts for years with the same batteries.

So, if you need extreme battery life you should probably look elsewhere, but the EOTech XPS2 is perfect for any SWAT team member, hunter and anyone using 3-gun rifles. This sight is simply ideal for great target acquisition and perfect aim.