Trijicon ACOG Review

If you are looking for a sight that is almost impossible to break, even by a soldier, then you are right on target with the Trijicon ACOG. These sights are so rugged and strong, they can take a lot of abuse and still work like the day they were unpacked. The brightness is up there with a 30mm Leupold Mark V. At a 100 yards you have a great field of view of 36.8 feet.

This model is extremely versatile as the bullet drops is zeroed for a variety of firearms like the M16a4, the M4 and the SAW. This sight can also be ideal for someone who wants to use the same sight on two AR 15 rifles with different lengths. The 4x magnification is excellent for almost any target acquisition and it is harder to break, since it is fixed in place.

You should invest in ARMS levers if you want to buy high end optics like the Trijicon ACOG. There is a relief slot so you can use a coin for a bit more leverage if needed. If you have used an EOTech sight you will sorely miss the ARMS levers.

Another awesome feature of the ACOG is that it allows both eyes to be open while targeting. While that is possible with worse sights, the ACOG makes it seem natural as if you were using a holosight. This means you are better aware of your environment while also being able to target perfectly. This can be priceless in dangerous, unpredictable situations. If the front lens is closed you can use the Trijicon ACOG like a red dot sight.

The lens cap in another feature you should look at. It has a honeycomb pattern which works like an anti-reflective system. This means that people won’t be able to see you aiming at them from the light that reflects from your lens. A lens hood does the same job, but the Trijicon ACOG is not long enough for one.

Unless you shoot at 300 yards, the ACOG is perfectly zeroed even if you switch it between various platforms. This means you can rely on extreme precision even in tough situation and even when you have to change weapons.

The ACOG is designed to outlive any operator with its amazing sturdiness. It is perfect for dangerous situation, where you can’t avoid being rough with your equipment. Not having to use tools for windage and elevation makes this a very easy sight to adjust. For its price, the Trijicon ACOG is certainly the most durable sight out there. Other manufacturers do have a couple of things to learn from this bright, easy-to-use and sturdy sight!