Trijicon SRS Review

When you open up the pelican case with your brand new Trijicon SRS in it, you might expect perfection. But even a high quality sighs like the SRS has its downsides and flaws. One of the most important is its large size and rather heavy weight. Many would hesitate to place it on an AR15 just because of that. Also, there is a reflection when you don’t focus on the red dot.

This might sound like a bad review until now, yet there are points to the Trijicon SRS that more than make up for a bit of weight and a slight reflection. No matter how much you abuse this sight it will remain zeroed. Place it on a shotgun and fire whatever round you want, place it in snow, under water on in sand, kick it and jump on it, your Trijicon SRS will remain zeroed and unscathed.

The true worth of the Trijicon SRS was not in fancy accessories and uses, but in its amazing sturdiness and faithful service. Knowing that your sight will do for you exactly what you want, when you want it, whatever the situation, is priceless for those who want their sights to protect their lives and be reliable.

This amazing sight works with a single AA battery for three whole years, continuously. This means you don’t need to worry about dead batteries in the middle of a shift, nor do you have to worry about switvhing your sight off constantly to preserve battery power.

That is not all though, since the Trijicon SRS has the unbelievable feature that is solar panels. These panels can be bared to the light around you and will absorb it to power your dot. This means that if you have sunlight at your position, you don’t need any battery at all to have a decently bright dot. For soldiers and operators that have found themselves in a tight spot without a battery this will sound like heavenly music to their ears.

The weight of 13.8oz is quite formidable and the sight is built to endure extreme pressure and shock. The recessed lens allows for a lot of abuse without any fear of damaging it. The threaded space before the lens makes it possible to place a kill flash. The engineering is simply in a class of its own.

The aluminum housing is almost indestructible by most forces that would hit a weapon. The rubber buttons and solar panels are just as resilient, offering you a complete package of strength and endurance all around. The size of the housing allows for a nice wide lens as well.

So, even though there is a reflection of the circuitry in the lens and the sight is quite big, it is well worth its money. This goes especially for those who want their sight to be absolutely reliable above all. If you are looking for a sight that will save your life in dangerous situations and faithfully serve you whenever you need it, then the Trijicon SRS is what you are looking for!