IWI US Inc., Gets Contract from Lakewood, New Jersey Police Department

The IWI US, Inc., which is a subsidiary of the Israel Weapon Industries, has announced that the police department of Lakewood, New Jersey has contracted with them to provide the TAVOR SAR to the officers on the force.

The Lakewood PD selected the TAVOR SAR because it met their overall requirements for a weapon that was reliable, simple to maintain, accurate, durable and had the right length as well. The small, compact nature of the weapon was perfect for law enforcement officers because it can be operated in close quarters, through doorways and is simple to carry as well.

Lakewood is one of the fastest growing urban areas in all of New Jersey with its 90,000 residents quickly expanding. The needs of the police department for compact firearms are growing to help deal with the expanding population and the greater challenges that they law enforcement officers will face in the near future.

One of the advantages with the TAVOR SAR’s compact size is that it can easily be held and operated in one hand while the officer can use the other to signal, control his K-9 or use other tools in a particular situation. In addition, the fully ambidextrous controls means that right handed or left handed officers can use this weapon with ease as well.

Other features include the top mounted, full length Picatinny rail which includes a 45 degree rail for any additional accessories that need mounting as well. The TAVOR SAR can use M16/AR-15 magazines without the need for any modifications. For

the Lakewood PD, the switch to the TARVOR SAR has solved many of their problems and provides a very versatile platform for adding new accessories while still having access to some of their older equipment as well.

The TAVOR SAR has made waves beyond Lakewood, New Jersey as more law enforcement departments around the country have shown interest in replacing their current AR models for the more compact style of the TAVOR. The fact that it has been battle tested by the Israeli Armed Forces gives it an added bit of attraction as well. However, it is arguably the reliable, compact frame of the weapon that is the real selling point, providing plenty of firepower from a small weapon.

What is the IWI US, Inc.?

First created in 2012, the IWI US, Inc is a recognized subsidiary of the Israel Weapon Industries Ltd., which has created a number of weapons for law enforcement agencies around the world. The US subsidiary was created to help break into the American market and provide top quality Israeli weapons for use in police departments around the country as well as local support.

The IWI US, Inc. is located in a 21,000 square foot facility in Harrisburg, PA and has hired a number of experienced senior managers to oversee their business efforts in the US. Currently, the TAVOR SAR is at the center of their effort with several configurations of the weapon having been manufactured to meet the needs of police forces around the world. The IWI US, Inc. hopes to expand their efforts in the near future by offering the TAVOR SAR to law enforcement agencies all across the US.