M14 / M1A Scope Mounts Selection


Are you looking for a good scope mount for your M1A? If so, then you’ll certainly find quite a few on the market today. For as many as there are out there, new scopes are being created on a regular basis which only expands the choices.

However, most scope mounts for the M14 are expensive and many people do not fully understand what they might need when searching for the right scope for their weapon. Of course, it helps to know just what you are getting with all the money being paid for a new scope. Some of the features that are desired include the following;

  • Weight
  • Stability of the Mount
  • Use of Iron Sights
  • Quick Detach Capabilities
  • Consistency of Zero

All of these factors need to be taken into account to find the best scope that meets these basic needs at a price that is the most affordable. The M14 has proven to be quite the popular weapon however and it does maintain a great deal of interest when it comes to the number of scopes available.

What follows are just some of the many different scopes that we can recommend on the basis of their overall construction and performance.

AIM Sports

A Weaver compatible product, AIM Sports uses a black anodized aluminum piece that is mounted on the side of the M14 receiver.

A.R.M.S. Mounts

For over thirty years, the Atlantic Research Marketing Systems (A.R.M.S.) has created sights, scope mounts, rails and spacers for both military and civilian use. They are probably most noted for their popular #40 flip-up sights and the #18 M21/M14 mount has two attachment points along with a third contact point for added stability. ]

Bassett Machine

This version will maintain zero even after you remove or reinstall that scope. The Bassett Machine M14-M1A scope mounts are compatible with either Weaver or Picatinny based rail designs. There is only one standard bolt that needs to be installed, a system that has been in use for over thirty years by the military. In fact, the single bolt design has been used by the Army Marksmanship Unit located at Fort Hood, Texas.


The BSquare mounts are attached using just a single knob that is tapped to the side of the rifle or receiver. Created from anodized aluminum, the disadvantage is that you cannot use the iron sights of the weapon. However, this product does come with a pair of 1” Weaver rings.

Fulton Armory

For over 25 years, the Fulton Armory has provided M14 rifles, M14 accessories and parts as well. Their three point design is crafted from the same materials that make up the M14 itself which means that the mount and receiver will expand at the same rate when heated from repeated firing. This means that for events which take place over a long period of time, the optics will stay centered. The iron sights can be utilized with this mount as well as this unit being specially cut away from the ejection port so that there is no chance of case jams.


Offering a great selection of both mounting systems as well as tactical M1A accessories, GG&G has proven to be very popular in both the civilian and military markets as well. The Accucam, which is designed specifically for the SOCOM II from the Springfield Armory, allows for a conventional scope to be mounted low while utilizing the SOCOM II’s custom rail system. The interesting cantilever design is very lightweight and detachable while not losing the zero and it includes the 30mm scope rings as well.

Leatherwood Hi-Lux

Using CNC machined heat treated steel creates a very low profile unit that still allows for the iron sights to be used as well. This is a two-point mount that channels the recoil directly through the clip guide shot. This particular product is compatible for both Weaver and Picatinny ring styles.


Offering an adjustable screw side for added stability, the Leapers is a low profile mount that offers four points of contact for stability and also the use of the iron sights as well. This version is made from aluminum and carries a black matte finish to boot.

M14/M1A CASM Gen II Scope Mount

This particular product is made in Canada and offers a four point scope mount that has a channeled groove backup sight. The CASM allows you to remove the M14 bolt for cleaning without having to remove the mount itself. In addition, there is no stripper clip guide mount, instead, the rear sight is removed and the CAMS is mounted in its place to keep its stability. This version is available in either steel or aluminum.

McCann Industries

A family-owned business, McCann has grown from its humble gun shop roots to becoming a high quality manufacturer of stocks, mounts, knives and many other accessories. They use solid steel for their mounts that are design to incorporate their rigidity and weight. McCann has certainly created a fine reputation for their mount designs for the M14.

Pro Mag Industries

Using high carbon steel, Pro Mag Industries uses a four point contact system with tactical “see through” scope mount that uses either Weaver or Picatinny rails.

Sadlak Industries

Sadlak creates scope mounts that are crafted from titanium, aluminum and steel. The use a three-point design that allows for removal without losing the zero and Sadlak is noted for having a U-shaped channel under the rail that allows for iron sights to be utilized as well, even with the rings and scope attached.

In particular, the “Airborne” version weighs less than many of its competitors thanks to the reduced weight steel in the construction.

Smith Enterprise, Inc.

Since the 1970s, Smith Enterprise, Inc. has been providing mounts for rifle-scopes and the ACOG. This experience extends to the military and law enforcement agencies as well as the civilian world. Using a three point Picatinny design, the mount is channeled so that the iron sights can be utilized as well. Also, this mount uses design clamps to the charger guide dovetail and to the receiver mount lug as well without the need for any type of modification.

Springfield Armory

Currently offering a fourth generation of M1A scope mounts, this company also sells the M1A rifles as well. Their particular mounts use the three points of contact, enable the use of iron sights and weighs just over 10 ounces making it very lightweight. Springfield Armory is currently offering a new design that has a wider cut over the ejection port which increases the reliability of the product.

These are some of the best M14/M1A scope mounts available today.