Magpul ACS-L Review

Magpul has always been popular for their wide range of reliable buttstocks for the AR15/M16 platforms. The Adaptive Carbine Stock (ACS) used to be the standard among AR15/M16 Carbine enthusiasts till Magpul came out with the ACS-L. This gave rise to a trend where more operators started choosing the ACS-L over the Magpul ACS.

To understand this shift of preference it is important to first analyse the features that would make a good collapsible AR-15 stock. A good stock has to be durable and rigid to withstand harsh field conditions. Grip is also an important factor and the stock should have a well machined smooth cheek weld to prevent interruptions during operations. It should not be too heavy and have a simple and solid friction locking mechanism for improved field efficiency. Let’s see how well the Magpul ACS-L holds up.

The “L” in ACS-L stands for light and that is exactly how it feels as compared to the Magpul ACS. This is accomplished by removing the battery storage compartments, thereby decreasing overall weight by 0.10 lbs. This may not seem as a significant change but it does make a difference in the feel and handling qualities of the stock when it comes to operations. The ACS-L retains the center storage compartment but has a slightly modified cheek weld design than its predecessor. It comes in variants compatible with both Mil-spec and Commercial-spec sized carbine receiver extension tubes.

When it comes to installation, the ACS-L can be simply slid over the buffer tube by pressing on the release lever and releasing the friction lock. After reaching the first detent, the release pins have to be depressed on both sides keeping the release lever pressed, and the stock moved to its final locking position. The friction lock boosts accuracy by decreasing play and wobble during operations. The cheek weld is sloped and contoured to provide maximum contact area for both right and left handed operators, ensuring seamless operation.

The adequate length of pull adjustment range of 3.25” ensures better accuracy, control and quick sight acquisition. The integrated central storage compartment in the tail of stock has been designed with a positive latching access door on right hand side actuated by a chrome-silicon lock spring. This makes for easy storage of items which might be required by the operator like batteries, sight adjustment tools, Allen wrench, laser sighting tool or cleaning aids.

The ACS-L also includes an additional Quick detach (QD) Swivel Sling Mount that fits any mid push button swivel upto 1.5” and rear sling loop upto 1“. Magpul also offers enhanced and extended rubber butt-pads (0.55” and 0.70”) as optional accessories for improved recoil management.

Priced at a reasonable $100, the ACS-L is a hardy and reliable companion for your AR15/M16 carbine. It fuses the best features of both storage and slim stocks to deliver a unique piece of equipment that improves operational efficiency of the platform. This makes the ACS-L a worthy purchase and is highly recommended for operators seeking a better experience.