Magpul AFG2 Review

As I once mentioned in my article about “This is My Rifle” I did not like the regular upright foregrip. I had given it a try, attempted frontward, shifted it nearer to the magwell on almost my entire quad rail of 15”. Nothing. I gripped my rifle in the manner I was most at ease with; the vertical grip did not work with this at all.
I was searching online for another choice, even simple rail panels or handguards which were not as bulky.

Discovering Magpul

I discovered Magpul and since I was a person who was not very familiar with guns I did not have a clue about them or what they created; however, it seemed as if there were some alternatives present.

They possessed a number of products I was searching for, to include to the quaid rail; therefore, we set off to shop. The Magpul AFG 2 is my most favorite, which means Angle Forward Grip. The grip sets your arm and hand in a point which is more ‘ergonomic’ on the barrel and facilitates acquiring the same grip to what I utilize on a handgun using the method of ‘thumbs forward.’

For near targeting, I also prefer enfolding my thumb in the barrel’s region and utilize my index finger to ‘Spot’ the target. This is for what I think is a fast harmonization between the hand and eye to acquire quicker acquisition. This type of expertise is not necessary for me, I simply enjoy doing it.

The A.F.G. 2 does not entail your normal ‘grip’ but rather a tool to help in hand placement. If you prefer a vertical grip, enjoy it; however, if you discover you are resting your prop up hand palm on the grip (the same as you would on the magwell) with several fingers on the barrel rather than grip, you might need to try the A.F.G.
Currently, 10 to 12 rails are used or real estate against the 4 to 6 used by a vertical grip. Therefore, if you operate your rifle with each accessory for tacti-cool on it, then this certainly uses some rail-estate if you are operating a technique of short rail or carbine.

Cost and Features

In regard to short money, for mine I believe I paid about $12 to $15 dollars and it is available in plain wrapping manufactured in USA and manufactured from polymer which appears durable. It was simple to set up due to the A.F.G’s ease and the superiority of the compound they utilize.

The simplest method of fixing this item is to take out the SINGLE BOLT completely, glide it along the rail and lock it down. It is even rubbed with blue loc-tite beforehand to ensure it is at the place you desire it.

Tip: prior to returning the bolt in the A.F.G, grip the rifle in the manner you think is most ideal for your poise, grip, shoulder as well as aim. Glide A.F.G. in front and rear on the rail below until you locate the sweet spot. Check the rail marker which is nearest to you and fix that bolt.


All in all, A.F.G. 2 is a wonderful item, affordable, strong and comfy.
If I possessed more rifles, I would purchase more!