Magpul MS3 Sling Review

Until lately, I was using a Blackhawk! single point sling for my AR15 and other rifles. I really like the single point sling, but the reality is that the Magpul MS3 Sling is capable of both choices and makes it worth its weight in gold. And not merely does it have both choices, but to switch between the two is quite fast. Magpul has yet to let me down on some of their products on enhancing the MS3 from the former MS2, and they actually hit a homerun. The MS3 multi-mission sling looks heavy duty and thicker.

The lockable clips are created from heavy-duty alloy and not polymer or plastic and that’s a huge. The clips have good designed and can be opened and close by simply squeezing it. Once you’ve attached or sling mount the clips together, you can lock them into position by pressing in a little button situated on one side of the clip. This prevents the clip from opening inadvertently. This is my favourite part about the sling. Both clips can be used for either single point or two point setup.

The sling also has a fast detach lanyard loop. This loop is made from premium quality polymer, the same stuff as found in most Magpul merchandises like Pmags. This loop is situated about 4 inches of the underside clip. It functions as an attachment point for the other clip, making changing over to single point from two point in just seconds.

When slung, the MS3 is extremely comfy and is made so with its broad thick straps (1.25″ wide). The strap can easily be adjusted and can be done with one hand together with the rifle slung. Transitioning from shoulder to shoulder with the MS3 is quite easy and makes life much simpler.

Shooting from difficult positions is more easy with this sling. The sling is extremely versatile and could be utilized from just about any scenario. Attaching it to your weapon is, in addition, another favourite part. This sling works outstandingly with the Magpul ASAP QD sling swivels, the Magpul RSA and any sling attachment, which has a loop or attachment point.

One of the great features of the MS3 is the integrated adjustment loop. It’s sewn into the primary strap of the MS3 and enables rapid adjustments to the tension of the sling while using it in both point shapes. This could be done quickly with just one hand.

The MS3 is also offered with a QD swivel and could be ordered in Coyote colour that’s MIL-STD-595 IR compliant. Thus far, in many people’s years of shooting, the MS3 had proven to be their favorite. Another thing, there is a certain comfort built into the the MS3, that is, if you had to sling your rifle for long hours.

Overall, anyone should be extremely pleased with the MS3. Magpul continues to create quality products when possible and always enhances them. And if you’re trying to find an adaptable comfy, simple to adapt sling, purchase MS3 the sling, you’d be you did!