Magpul ASAP Review

I wanted my fans/followers and all firearm supporters to have my review so I ordered for this Magpul ASAP Sling Attachment. I had it installed on my built-to-taste Dissipator style rifle. Installation was pretty easy and it I didn’t go through a lot of troubles trying to get it fitted correctly against the receiver. My only sweat was the castle nut. It wasn’t that easy to tighten it. The link rail position made it difficult for me as my wrench could only hold 3 teeth on the nut. I had to do a careful tightening of the castle nut, and it did work.

It’s obvious that the attachment is very heavy duty. The very thick weld points I suppose are there to make the attachment withstand a great deal of pressure. It has a good quality finish. However, it’s a little like a fine grit sand paper on the surface. The real sling also attaches to a heavy-duty link.

Some noise production occurs if the link is not attached to the sling that supports the rifle’s weight. Apart from that, its work is flawless and there is ease of movement from side to side. I am aware that some complained about having difficulty in closing their stocks, but with my Magpul MOE, closing the stock is just as easy as the manufacturer expects.

There’s one thing I didn’t like, the fact that this sling attachment is not compatible with the Magpul UBR stock . Fine, there are built-in sling attachments in the UBR stock, I needed to have the ASAP move from side to side. I attempted installing the buffer tube supplied with the UBR stock, but it only screwed in partially and was unable to engage the buffer retainer because of the thickness of the ASAP attachment.

It was disappointing, so I just decided to add it to my AR-15 with the MOE stock. I was glad to see the outcome and working with it in the field was great. Overall, it’s a great choice for every tactical shooter and hunters would love it too.