Magpul BAD Lever Reviews

Every AR should come with a Magpul BAD Lever

This so significantly simplifies the manual of arms or sequence of events to fire and reload, that I consider it indispensable. Every compatible AR I own has a Magpul BAD Lever. Highly recommended…you won’t be sad!

This is a BAD lever

Sorry for the pun, I’ll show myself out.
This piece works as advertised. Simple install and even the tiny included bolt comes with a small bead of Loctite. I installed this because I wanted more options to manipulate my weapon with my trigger hand (right) while keeping the rifle pointed downrange and steady. This ar15 battery assist lever does all of that. You can hold the bar up with your trigger finger and pull back the charging handle with your left hand to catch the BCG. You can also use it the traditional way and flip the lever down when you’re ready to release the BCG forward. With this installed, you can still use the ping pong paddle traditionally with your left hand.

Magpul B.A.D. Lever Lever is Nice.

I added one to my Smith & Wesson MP15 .223/5.56, and it works exceptionally well. No issues with the 1-minute installation, no problems in the field while using it on my gun. If you have many ARs, you may want to consider if you’ll want one for all firearms. I miss mine and miss it when shooting others that don’t have this. Durable, simple, functional. Excellent add-on item with a useful function.

B.A.D Lever review

Only a must-have upgrade to any AR rifle. The magpul b.a.d. leverr allows me to safely handle any malfunctions with my firearm by locking the bolt carrier in place when I apply upward pressure while pulling the charging handle back. I am also able to keep my trigger finger near my trigger, which is a massive advantage to me when at the range or tactical coarse to shave off those critical seconds. The ar15 battery assist lever is almost too easy to install. It comes with the tool you need and all directions. It takes about 5 minutes to put it on. A great item that I will put on all my AR rifles.

I have one on every AR.

This device is simple to install in less than a minute. It provides a secure method of both closing the bolt and locking it open for locking it open. I allow you to use one hand for the charging handle and the other to lock the bolt to the rear while keeping total control of the weapon. For dry reloads, mag changes are quick without having to take your eyes off the target.


Works exactly as advertised, maybe a little too well. I have this on all my ARs and feel hampered without it when using someone else’s. As usual, it seems a bit expensive for what it physically is, but I can’t argue with the quality and functionality. The only other caution I would offer would be a selection of triggers and shooting gloves as this does reduce the free area forward and above the trigger.
Might be five stars

Wow, this should be standard on all high-end ARs. It merely allows you to lock or release your bolt with your right-hand index finger. I guess if your left-hand dominant, it won’t be of any use to you. Other than that, I believe it wouldn’t be too difficult to get used to even in freezing weather.
The only reason I don’t give it five stars is that I need to see how well it lasts.

Great Product

I really like these levers, they work well and are simple in design and installs easily in seconds. Everything is there at your finger, and you don’t need to reach around the weapon to lock the magazine open or release it once free.

A must-have

In my opinion, this is a must-have item for an AR15. I have one on all of my ARs. They aren’t as cheap as they could be, but they are the high quality you expect from Magpul. Makes switching a mag easy because you don’t have to whack the bolt release and jar your sight picture or take the rifle down from your shoulder.

Start Here

If you learn your reloads with this product from the beginning, you will be WAY ahead of the field. Single hand manipulation of the bolt allows for faster reloads and more time on target. With one hand on the mag and the other always in control of the rifle from the firing position, this product gives any shooter the edge on the clock during timed runs.

A must-have for both right and left (wrong) handed shooters.

This is probably one of the most important upgrades you can make on an AR. The ability to control your bolt catch/release while not having to take your hand off the pistol grip. It shortens reload times substantially, it makes clearing malfunctions quick and efficient, and most importantly for all of you lefties (wrong handed people), this allows you to enjoy all of the same benefits as of right hand with only one small change to the manual of arms. For left-handed shooters. When conducting a speed reload (if you don’t have an ambient mag release), one must use their support hand thumb to depress the mag release and allow the magazine to fall or strip it out depending on the mag and firearm. After grabbing a fresh mag and inserting it using a beer can grip once it seats all the way you can sweep the lever arm downward with your thumb releasing the bolt then get back to work. For malfunctions (again lefties) use your trigger finger to depress the arm of the bad lever as you rack the charging handle to the rear locking the bolt open, strip out the magazine with your support hand, rack the charging handle three times to allow the bolt to eject the round/s causing the malfunction once again using your trigger finger depresses the bar while racking still locking the bolt to the rear, verify that its clear of rounds then conduct a reload as previously mentioned. It makes a reasonably complicated task for left-handed shooters a lot easier and efficient. And as the saying goes, those who put accurate fire on target first win. Every second count.


There’ are words to say, except this product is a “no brainer!” This is on e of the must have AR-15 accessories.. When I hear bumps in the night in the house, I’m locked & loaded in a matter of secs with my AR15. It’s simple, easy to manipulate without reaffirming your grip from your weapon. That- in addition to my Radian Rapture Charging handle makes it a fluid product.

Magpul has another winner.

I was initially somewhat skeptical about running this ar15 battery assist lever through my trigger space but ultimately decided to put some faith behind MagPul. After all, have they ever struck out? After installing the lever, I was thrilled to find no objection to the design. It works as advertised, making bolt catch and release so simple it puts a smile on your face! Truly one of the best improvements I’ve made to the AR. If you order this product, you might want to give the Troy Ambi Mag Release consideration. IMO that device is on par with this lever, and I consider both indispensable additions to the AR.