Magpul Furniture Review

There are quite a few options available for the AR platform and Magpul is certainly at the top in terms of the company that provides what is needed. At Magpul, you can find pretty much all the essential components desired for your AR-15.

Magpul Taps into the Market

The experienced shooter knows their weapon and knows what they want in terms of improvements. It is not just keeping the weapon clean or keeping it safe until it is needed. It is about keeping the weapon ready to use and maximizing its effectiveness. While most shooters may not consider themselves the elite nor have they seen combat, they do want their accessories or “furniture” to be the best which enhances the overall performance of their weapon. Magpul furniture that is designed for the AR platform has certainly garnered a powerful reputation and is known for its innovation, reliability, and durability over the years.

The result has been more people gaining confidence in their AR weapon thanks to using Magpul furniture to customize it to their particular needs. So, it is little wonder that Magpul has garnered such an excellent reputation over the years in the custom accessory market.

Unfair Advantage

That is the tagline from Magpul as found on their company website which is an accurate description of the furniture that they offer for the AR and other weapon platforms. Their website alone gives you a strong hint at the creativity, innovation, and drive that Magpul has with being a leader in the industry. From the numerous buttstock options, pistol grips and many other accessories that Magpul has created, it has made them a very popular company. Magpul even pulled out of their Colorado facilities and moved into Texas and Wyoming after the state passed gun laws that Magpul disagreed. The end result was that Magpul created a closer bond with its customers.

Why Magpul Appeals to AR Owners

There are a number of reasons why Magpul has been so successful, but it all starts with the high quality of products that they make. You can see it when comparing their accessories to the factory originals that they replace. Today, other companies are now taking the Magpul lead in creating accessories and kits for rifles that offer a superior product for the consumer. Magpul has established their reputation in the industry for offering high quality at reasonable prices which consumers enjoy.
The forward hand grip is a good place to start as the very feel of the product when attached to the AR-15 is considerable. The grip allows for a far better control of the rifle, especially during the recoil stage when you can re-asses the target quickly and easily. While as with any new product it takes a little time to get used to, the end result is that Magpul has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

It is true that Magpul does not offer the lowest priced accessories, but there is a very good reason why law enforcement and the military are turning to Magpul products. This is because the items that they produce are crafted from high quality materials, work to design specifications, and will last a very long time under normal use conditions. Items from Magpul such as the MIAD Grip Kit, Angled Fore Grip, MOE Hand Guard, and the like have been thoroughly tested and found to be up to standards. In addition, they were also designed with excellent ergonomics in mind which makes shooting the weapons even more enjoyable.

Also, items such as the MBUS sites for both the front and back have proven to be as good, if not superior to the Troy Battle Sites which have been so popular in recent years. In fact, Magpul has developed accessories such as the MOE SGA Forend which can be used on Remington 870 models and have proven to be quite useful and excellent over the long haul.

In addition, Magpul also adds compartments to the furniture that offers many places for you to hold small, but important items on your weapon. While some people do not use such compartments, they have proven to be quite handy for those who like to store small things such as ear plugs and other accessories. It is that attention to detail that really sets Magpul apart from the competition and a sign that they are doing things right by the consumer. By doing the small things right and using high quality materials in the process, Magpul remains at the top of the industry when it comes to furniture for a wide variety of weapons.

Advantages & Disadvantages

There are a number of benefits when it comes to purchasing Magpul products, particularly if you are trying to improve a specific weapon system.

  • Precision products
  • Comfortable, ergonomic designs
  • Outstanding performance
  • Adaptable for many different platforms
  • Solid and reliable
  • Hidden compartments for storage purposes

Of course, no company is perfect and Magpul despite its reputation does have its limitations. Still, the advantages of their products has proven to be considerable over the past few years and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

  • High cost compared to other companies
  • Limited variety to certain weapon platforms
  • Some hidden compartments are too small and difficult to open properly

In the end, Magpul has established an outstanding reputation that has put them at the forefront of the industry. For those interested in improving their AR and other weapon platforms, Magpul is the place to start.