Magpul MOE SL Review

Recently we had a chance to get hold of a number of the newest Magpul Ind. MOE Slim Line (SL) AR-15 furniture.

The components which i found were 3 major parts:

  1. MOE SL Stock
  2. MOE SL Grip
  3. MOE SL Hand Guard

When the package arrived, I quickly threw the 3 components on my own Armory AZ 15 and they fitted nicely without issues!

I must admit the fact that, apart from the MOE Grip, I have not had much experience with the initial Magpul MOE components.  I nevertheless, made use of a black regular MOE Grip for many years and it is often a fixture on an additional M4 which i use frequently.

First Impressions:

From the very beginning I noticed that the grip and hand guard are considerably thinner than their predecessors. They are not just thinner, but the two are one of the most relaxing AR-15 grip/hand guard combinations I have never came across! I really meant that!

The stock however, I can’t say much as I still have not used the Magpul’s previous products.  The thing i know is that it was pleasant and also the angle of the padding/buttstock is effective with my assault pack straps/ plate carrier.

The MOE SL Stock:

The MOE SL Stock is simply a drop in substitute buttstock for both MIL-SPEC and commercial carbines with individual models.  The MIL-SPEC version includes a somewhat reduced buffer tube size in fact it is essential that you figure out which your firearm fits.  A simple way to discover what type you may have would be to examine the bottom of the buffer tube; commercial versions will have an inclined end plate.

The actual MOE SL stock which i procured was a MIL-SPEC version, and slid on really comfortably.  This is usually a good note because it eliminates any shake or movements and could differ in line with the specifications of your buffer tube.

The MOE SL Stock includes an ambidextrous, twin sided launch latches that may require a small getting used to viewing they may be positioned above the commonly seen on your regular buttstock.  The latches on the other hand, sustain a higher speed low drag shape and they are up aside and snag free.

As discussed earlier, the MOE SL Stock comes with a comfy curved plastic butt-pad that felt at home once shouldered with complete package.

The Magpul product web page claims that the MOE SL Stock is “Optimized for use with body armor or modular gear and provides for efficient shoulder transitions”. Presently, the MOE SL Stock can be obtained online or throughout your nearby Magpul dealer at an MSRP of 59.95.  Right now they only have black available.

The MOE SL Hand Guard:

The actual news associated with the MOE SL line of sleek M-4/AR-15 furniture, is the MOE SL Hand Guard.  The hand guard is considerably sleeker/thinner compared to their predecessor so when you initially grab it, it is instantly obvious that many thought and expertise had been put into its development.  Holding the MOE SL Hand Guard seems natural and brings up questions like, “Why wasn’t this considered before now?”

Setting up the MOE SL Hand Guard is not complicated however it will require a particular angle to effectively mate both components together.

The MOE SL Hand Guard will only work on regular configuration, carbine length gas systems along with A2 style gas block increasing hardware along with the regular M-4/AR-15 barrel nut. Of additional note, the MOE SL Hand Guard includes a, strengthened, heat-resistant plastic along with considerable heat protection on both halves.

A fascinating feature of the MOE SL Hand Guard is it carries on beyond the edges and bottom part of the gas port. This feature allows the owner increased defense against heat emanating through the front sight post/gas corner. Owners of gas port installed sling swivels will discover that they may have to adjust and triumph over!

Thankfully, Magpul’s foundation is focused on adapting and conquering, to make sure they provide a variety of components to change your sling mounts onto the part of the MOE SL Hand Guard.

Talking about components, the MOE SL Hand Guard features Magpul’s all new M-LOK spots for installing flashlight, grips as well as other add-on like sling connection points. The M-LOK standard is actually a semi-open source standard that organizations can license free of Magpul. The MOE SL Hand Guard consists of M-LOK slots at the 2, 6 and 10 o’clock positions and Magpul provides a variety of components that both support the standard and also choose a present components backwards compatible. The MOE SL Hand Guard can be purchased from your local Magpul dealer or online MSRP $34.95

The MOE SL Grip:

Like the MOE SL Hand Guard, The MOE SL Grip is a lot thinner compared to its predecessors.  In reality, it’s much like the Magpul MOE-K2 grip in angle and width.  I really loved the feeling of it  however it is going to take a few testing just before I am totally certain if I prefer it over the initial MOE grip which i presently use on my“other firearm.

Magpul states that this MOE SL grip is enhanced for short length of pull (LOP) weapon systems which have the weapon hand more close to the shooters body. Magpul also offers all the necessary hardware to change out your present grip or mount the MOE SL grip on a new weapon build. Much like the other parts, you will find the MOE SL Grip at you nearby Magpul seller or online for an MSRP of close to 19.95.


A few negative factors that came up when setting up the MOE SL furniture. First, setting up the hand guard is not really as simple as a few other hand guards I use to play with.  The main reason in my opinion is a result of the tight threshold which the hand guard exhibits along with the heat sheltering.  The MOE SL Hand Guard is extremely thin, and also the heat protecting demands that the operator mount both pieces carefully for everything to set up adequately.

The other point that could possibly be an issue is the limited number of M-LOK slots, mainly around the 12 o’clock in which they are nonexistent.  I actually seem to install my Grip Stop, flashlight along with a small rail section with a Technical link QD sling support. All the mentioned accessories are usually enough for over 90% of most home defense and training/sporting builds, but experts who need to have additional installing real-estate for pressure pads, PEQs and so on might find the MOE SL Hand Guard somewhat cramped.

Lastly, if it can be regarded as negative, I discovered that the low profile latches on both side of the buttstock were slightly high and I kept attaining towards the regular location which you would typically find the single latch.  This may not have to get this kind of problem for individuals who frequently use Magpul Stocks as I believe most of them have latches positioned higher.  Ultimately it is more like a muscle memory concern than a real downside with the design.


General I am actually satisfied with the ergonomics of the MOE SL collection and would recommend it to anybody seeking to decently spice up their AR-15. I have to confess that M-LOK slots are usually awesome as well and I completely count on the standard to progress in level of popularity sooner than later. It is not be a suprise that the developers of the MOE SL collection are solidified war fighters with many years of experience fighting the war on terror both home and abroad.  Furthermore, it is this knowledge, experience and commitment to quality that actually places the Magpul MOE SL collection aside from the competitors!