Magpul MS1 Sling Review

Advancing ahead from their ever so popular MS2 and MS3 designs, MagPul has finally introduced the MS1. The MS1 on its own has is seen as a tailor-built piece of webbing that interfaces with a multitude of adapter types that MagPul have to offer. With the multiple adapter options (MS3/MS4, Paraclip, QD and many more), the shooter can easily tailor their Magpul sling to their mission, by creating either a 1 point or 2 point system respectively.

The base sling has been fashioned around the new MS1 slider that quickly allows the shooter to change the length with no fiddly tails, loops or even potential snag hazards. The 1-1/4″ wide robust webbing is claimed to be NIR and wear resistant while maintaining an anti-chafe usability for maximum wearer comfort.

There has been a number of individuals who claim to not be a fan of single point slings so the typical MS 2/3’s 2 to 1 point convertibility is often no use to them. Nor are the hooks, rings and clips that come along with the convertibility. Combine all of that with a price tag that is slightly higher than your basic sling means that the Magpul sling isn’t always the go-to-option.

Nevertheless, since Magpul has finally introduced their MS1 sling with its dedicated 2 point sling that lacks all the annoying rings, snaps and hooks, plus a friendly economical price tag, many shooters are now heading over to Magpul, and we’ll tell you why.

Straightforward with a lightweight and simple design.

The 2 point design which features the sling strap, plastic length adjuster and  three tri sliders is incredibly straight forward and easy to use. The MS1 is incredibly well made and the stitching is robust and doesn’t appear to fray easily. The MS1 is incredibly lightweight when compared to other slings in its range, as it barely tickles the scales at a featherweight 5.9 oz (which does not include the Magpul Paraclip). The strap is also considerably softer and far more flexible than many other slings on the current market.

With the MS1’s simple and easy to use design, many individuals choose to add a Magpul Paraclip as an interim method of attaching the front of the sling securely to the rifle, especially if you haven’t got around to putting a rail on your rifle yet.

Fantastic all round performance.

The slings material does not appear to twist, catch or bind when donning/doffing or even when adjusting the sling during use. The sling’s length adjuster slides incredibly smoothly. Even with its length adjuster appearing and feeling incredibly smooth when adjusting the slings length, it is able to remarkably hold enough tension to avoid the sling slipping or changing length when in use. The sling length adjuster proves to hold tightly no matter what position it is in.


MagPul claims that the MS1 has been rigorously tested in  approximately thousands of cycles in sandy, wet and dry conditions and also under lab conditions (let’s not forget to mention field testing). The MS1 is also rated to handle static loads of up to 300 lbs. past 72 hours. The entire sling is manufactured and products within the United States; with a reasonable retail price for the base MS1 at $34.95 with branded adapters ranging from $9.95 to $24.95.