MESA Tactical LEO Recoil Stock Kit Review

MESA Tactical has certainly built up a fine reputation for building high quality items. One of the more intriguing is the stock for shotguns which has certainly garnered a fine reputation over the years. The company itself creates all of their products in the US and takes pride in what they do. In particular, the Recoil Stock Kit, LEO Vertical Grip adaptor and 6 round Side Saddle shell holder that includes a rail from MESA Tactical are certainly good quality products.

In particular, the MESA Tactical LEO Recoil Stock Kit which comes with a Hogue over mold pistol grip, four position collapsible stock and Enidine buffer tube replacement is particularly impressive. The Vertical grip adaptor is really nice as it is thick, durable and fits the receiver tightly while being easy to install. The finger grooves in particular work really well with this particular model.

The Recoil Stock Kit in total represents a powerful addition to your weapon. By providing more protection, you can keep your cheek to the weld better with each shot and hold the muzzle in position as well. This means that you can fire shots quicker and more accurately using this stock kit than with the standard model. The purpose of the stock kit is to make the weapon more comfortable to use and more accurate for all day firing. The overall effect is that you have a tamer 12 gauge shotgun that is easier to control and offers less recoil action with this stock kit in place.

Installing the Recoil Stock Kit is simplicity itself and the new grip, buffer tube and adaptor work together well in creating a more controllable weapon that keeps its formidable power. You simply use the two butt stock screws to remove the old stock and then attach the new one with the adaptor. The pistol grip goes on like an AR grip with a single screw doing the work. All that is left is threading the buffer tube and you are ready to go.

Do you really need the Recoil Shotgun Kit? It will naturally depend on how you use your shotgun. A shotgun is used in several different ways from home protection to skeet and trap shooting, hunting and other activities as well. As a weapon for home defense, a recoil kit may not be that necessary since the weapon will only be used sparingly at best. However, the adjustable stock will aid efforts in maximizing the trigger pull and being comfortable for the user to fire. The pistol grips aids in this effort, creating better ergonomics and control of the recoil action.

The shock absorbing buffer tube along with the adaptor and pistol grip can reduce the overall recoil by up to 70%, making it perfect for hunting, skeet and trap shooting. This means that you can fire the weapon more accurately over repeated uses and keep it on target. For those who want to get the most out of their shotguns, the Recoil Stock Kit is the answer they have been waiting for.