MESA Tactical Urbino Stock Review


MESA Tactical products have proven to be high quality items that offer a very good value for the price. MESA Tactical Urbino stocks for example have proven their worth on firearms like the Benelli M4 Shotguns and Remington 870, providing the right length for those who have rather short arms.

The installation of the stocks was a simple matter thanks to the provided instructions and mounting hardware that was with the stocks themselves. In each case, the stocks came with a sling attachment which was ambidextrous in nature and similar to the Benelli M4 line. This meant that it included the 1 ¼” metal tab that was found on both sides of the stock. A little light sanding helped align the fore-end grips and the installation was complete.

With a good fit and finish, the stocks from MESA Tactical provides a considerable amount of value, including adjustable cheek riser that helps make the red dot optics simpler to use. You can remove the butt-plate and slide the comb riser in order to change the height or the stock can be ordered without the riser.

Using simple plastic tabs, the butt-plate attachment is easy enough to add to the weapon. They also hold up under repeated firing as well. It has a firm, but soft enough pistol grip and is easy to place on the weapon. Once you position your body properly, it should provide enough comfort and feel of the weapon to work nicely.

However, one issue with the stock is its impact resistance. If you strike the shoulder pad of the stock against any hard object with enough force, it will break. You need to be careful with the stock and mindful of how you set it down because it does break easier than it should. Of course, many stocks suffer from the same fate, so this version by MESA Tactical is not much worse.

Replacement pad assemblies are $50 each, so it may pay to switch back to the AR style by MESA Tactical if they break too easily for your taste. Unfortunately, this part of the stock is not under warranty, so it will come out of your pocket to replace. Clearly, this is an issue that needs to be addressed in future models which will probably require the use of different, more impact resistant materials.

Otherwise, this is a great stock that functions very well, is comfortable and easy to clean and maintain. By reducing the length of the pull along with adding the rubber pistol grip and recoil pad by Limbsaver, this stock will be of great benefit, especially for those who use shotguns. MESA Tactical has really done it again with this fine type of stock which will certainly see a rise in popularity, particularly among shotgun owners who have somewhat shorter arms than normal.

The finish and overall fit of the piece is nearly perfect as well as the quality. Just be careful when striking the weapon to clear away malfunctions otherwise you will find yourself with a broken stock.