Streamlight Stylus Pro C4 LED – Review

Streamlight has fortified its presence in the market with its varied product line and the new Streamlight Stylus Pro range of lights is a great addition to its existing package.

Specifications and Build

The Streamlight Stylus Pro C4 LED, in accordance with the manufacturers note, is based on the C4 LED technology and comes with a 50,000 hour life. The white LED has 1033 candela peak beam intensity with 48 lumens measured output and a total of six hour twenty five minutes run time. The power sources are 2 AAA alkaline batteries which are included in the package.

Mode of regulation is the push button tail switch with both a steady and temporary function. It is equipped with an unbreakable and scratch resistant polycarbonate lens and an O-ring sealed and shock proof build.  It has a water proof build with resistance of IPX4 as per EN 60529:1992. The holster is made of a tear resistant nylon and the pocket clip is unbreakable.

It comes in a few color choices: Matte Black, Silver, Blue and Red. It has a length of 5.3 inches, a diameter of 0.6 inches and weighs about 1.64oz. The package is easy to handle and encompasses a nylon holster and replacement booth switch with the batteries placed inside the light.


  • Tail Switch: The upgraded tail cap which has been modified to enable users to replace the rubber booth, poses a challenge as it is trickier to handle than those in the previous versions of the product or even the Microstream. The grip is not as great as the light slithers away when one tries to activate the forward clicky. Those who do own the older version can try swapping the tail caps to enable better maneuverability.
  • Build: The Stylus Pro is much lighter and vivid with a fine finish when compared to its predecessors, with a much darker anodizing. It’s slick build and the easy to rotate pocket clip makes the stylus extremely comfortable to carry around. The threads are sharp without annoying grates.
  • Brightness: The Stylus Pro is much brighter than the previous Streamlight products. The emitter has been upgraded to C4 from the earlier 0.5 Watt version.

The upgraded tailcap a hindrance but the addition of a small shim or thin plastic might make the tailcap a lot easier to handle enabling you to take home a much lighter, easy to carry and significantly brighter light.