VORTEX Viper PST FFP 2.5-10 X 32 Review


If you love hunting especially in the woods like I do, you will appreciate the importance of having a rifle scope that dials down to 2.5 or even better. Hunting involves movement in the woods, and since I a normally hunt in CT, there is need for an efficient scope that can only guarantee nothing but safety. The 2.5-10 by 32 Vortex Viper PST FFP has just solved lots of worries for me as it comes in handy for my expeditions. Before it came along, there was the 2.5-10 by 24, but it was discontinued by Nightlife. Of course it was nice, though at $1,600, this was more expensive for an item that had no side focus or even paralax adjustment.

While in the woods, there are times when one needs to shoot from longer distances as opposed to shorter ones. There are times that I am compelled to use up to 10 power; especially when an opportunity presents itself. This has made me wonder if it were possible to hit my perceived targets better if I had the Vortex 2.5-10 by 44. Like the cautious fellow I am, I had to check out the reviews. This changed my mind because I discovered the glass qualities could not match my needs. For one, it had no proper illumination. Secondly, it only came with a V-plex or BDC reticle. Lastly, it had no FFP. Well, I gave up on it and by luck I chanced upon the latest one that is $900 less than the Nightlife, has a side focus, is well illuminated and has FFP. In brief, the 2.5-10 by 32 Vortex Viper PST FFP has incredible features that make it a better option as compared to the rest.

When I purchased the rifle scope, I got plenty of other goodies. They include; an inspection certificate, a CR2032 battery, manuals, a scope bikini cover, allen wrench, shims, lint free cloth and a Vortex Optics pin that is ideal for your stock pack or hat. The item also has a perfect warranty for all times as you can transfer it anytime you want. Other than that, it has clear pictures and one can easily make out vehicles travelling; like I did while at the Thames. The eye box at 1.63”; is big enough to offer the user relief from having to strain the eyes. The turrets too, have a unique yet distinct tactile feel which is a plus. While illuminating, there is the option of switching off and on between illumination levels as the illumination feature goes on and off between magnificent quality.

The next admirable feature about this scope is the long tube that allows a user to mount it on a two piece base. When mounted with a NF two piece, 20 MOA picatinny rail and low Vortex Scope Rings, there is plenty of room between the barrel and the targeted object. Perhaps my confirmation came along when I hit a target using just the 0.5mils right and 1.5mils down. My cross checking proved that indeed this item was what I needed. I have to register my appreciation with the folks at Vortex for the military pricing deal on this item.