Streamlight Stylus Pro Flashlight Review


Designed to be practical, slim, and stylish and effective, the Streamlight brand of lights have managed over the years to walk that fine line between everyday use for around the home or business to tactical uses with weapons and equipment.

What is Streamlight?

The company itself was founded in 1973 when a need for tactical flashlights for military, law enforcement and emergency personnel was identified. Every since, Streamlight has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of small, tactical flashlights that are practical for first responders and the military as well as the public at large.

In addition to making popular flashlights, Streamlight has also assisted in developing the standards of flashlights over the years as well. The FL-1 Flashlight Testing Standard which is now universally recognized was developed in part by Streamlight. This testing standard makes it easier for the public to gauge the overall quality and purpose of the flashlight products on the market.

Streamlight sells their product in the US and over 40 countries around the world. In addition, Streamlight personnel spend time with first responders as well as in the outdoors to help better test their products in actual conditions. This helps Streamlight keep their edge on the competition.

Streamlight Stylus Pro

At less than six inches in length, this small “penlight” design has turned out to be quite popular in many different fields when it comes to flashlights. Handy, durable and long lasting, the Stylus Pro by Streamlight is certainly a very well regarded flashlight.

With the casing for the Streamlight Stylus Pro crafted from anodized aluminum, it allows this particular flashlight to hold up against a variety of stresses including being run over by a vehicle. The lens is also scratch resistant and the C4 LED bulb will last roughly 50,000 hours of use, making this a very long lasting device. Meeting the ANSI and NEMA FL-1 flashlight standards, the Stylus Pro uses two AAA batteries which may be rechargeable and comes in a variety of colors.


The small size of the Stylus Pro is certainly handy as it fits into most pockets. But it also comes with a clip so it can be attached to a lapel, the bill of a cap or other places much like a pen. The surprisingly bright light can temporarily blind an intruder, but the batteries themselves will last for over 6 hours of continual use. This is certainly a potent light that will get the job done when needed.

The lens is scratch resistant and the entire light is waterproof as well which means that it will hold up to the elements. This is why the Stylus Pro is the choice of those who work in the outdoors such as guides, rangers and hunters. It is not very well suited for mounting on a firearm since the on/off switch is really a twist of the flashlight head itself and not a button, but this is a minor drawback.

Overall, the Streamlight Stylus Pro is one of the best flashlights in its class. Small, well constructed, highly durable and putting out a considerable amount of light, the Stylus Pro has become the choice for many people in need of a compact flashlight.