Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Pen Flashlight Rreview

Not long ago I got my Streamlight Stylus LED Pen Flashlight from Mounting Solutions Plus. I had viewed many such flashlights on YouTube and felt it was time to experience one for myself. For those who read ModernSurvivalOnline, you definitely know the fetish I have for flashlights.

A flashlight is an important accessory for the “on-the-alert” individual. Each person in your home should possess at least one of these useful accessories. Of course, the flashlight is only useful with appropriate batteries being at hand as well. In the recent past, I have observed that there has been an enhancement of the performance of the LED technology flashlights. On the other hand, these lighting accessories have seen a decrease in their prices.

Steamlight is a renowned brand when it comes to flashlights. Their lights are known not only for their effectiveness, but also for an amazing quality. Nevertheless, their lights are not known to come at low prices; this particular Streamlight 66118 Pen Flashlight was available at $19.99. This price was with free shipment. On retrieving the flashlight from its box, I was thrilled by the nice packaging coupled with appropriate information on its functionality.

Some qualities of the Streamlight

  • Has a micro optical system that is praised for the optimisation of the output plus a decent run-time
  • Not corroded and boasts a waterproof ability. It also has a pocket clip as well as polycarbonate lens that cannot be broken
  • You can get up to 7.5 runtime with proper regulation of use
  • Measures 5.3 inches in length
  • Effective brightness; high flux LED of 30,000 hours
  • Can be operated single-handedly
  • The button for lighting it or putting it off is on the end cap
  • Uses AAA batteries
  • Has a life warranty that is limited
  • Comes with a holster as well

To continue with the review….


The role of the flashlight is to provide lighting for illumination. Can be useful to an owner who can shine good light on objects using a lightweight methodology/



It is made from aluminium that is considerably lightweight. (It actually looks anodized). Has a rugged look. The clip also gives sign of immense durability. For the three weeks I have carried the flashlight, I have not experienced any problems at all using it.

How to Use

To get the light shining, you simply need to push down upon the rubber found on the end cap. A slight press on the button will bring on temporary light. If you want to turn it on till you decide to put the light out, you will need to make a solid press of the button. When you hear a click, you know that you clicked it right.


  • Gives sufficient brightness even though it is a small flashlight
  • Solid
  • High-power batteries that last long
  • You can use even the local battery types
  • Does not come with bulbs for replacement
  • Resistant to water damage


  • Can always offer even better brightness


To summarize:

I have all praise for this flashlight. For some years now, I have carried myself a classic flashlight; the AA Mini Maglite while working. While it did serve me well, I had the burned of replacing bulbs almost every other time. In my honest view, the Streamlight is much better than the Maglite. Furthermore, it is much lighter and gives better lighting than the Maglite.

This is indeed an incredible accessory to those who love the allures of a modern, yet functional flashlight