Tapco SKS Stock Review

Have an old-fashioned model SKS that could use up to date SKS Stock? Do you like the performance of your rifle, but the match is not what you desire. At one time or another, most people have possessed a gun that we’d answer yes to one of these questions. For myself, my SKS is the gun I’d respond yes to both of these problems. For a while now I’ve been looking for the solution to all those issues but had been delaying to pull the trigger on a replacement inventory. The remedy to the SKS’s issues came from the fine people at TAPCO.

We contacted TAPCO to test some of their merchandise to be capable of passing what we discovered on to you. When the box arrived, there was a TAPCO Stock System with their vertical grip and a bipod. I was just like a child on Christmas morning. TAPCO generates variants of their Intrafuse Stock System for the SKS. There are very different colors, number of railings or whether you need be effective at maintaining the bayonet mounted on your SKS. Among the nice characteristics of the inventory is the six positions adjustable butt stock along with the added railing on the top of the upper hand guard.

The model TAPCO shipped removed the slot to house the bayonet, but in its place was added accessory rail, ideal for a grip or other accessory. Another thing is every package has been marked, done in the USA. I began to tear down SKS from my inventory configuration to install the TAPCO SKS Stock system. TAPCO has to have known that the Intrafuse System was arriving at a person since the package didn’t contain instructions. If you’re one that favors instructions you may find instructions on TAPCO’s web site, an SKS manual or here on Average Shooter. The setup was straight. The time to split down the SKS and reconstruct it on the TAPCO platform was just a little over 30 minutes.

While I was at it, I installed a radio cover which incorporated a watch through optics mount for I could use the iron sights. Retraction- TAPCO does include instructions. They’re printed on the rear of the package. Like the average person, I passed them by. After the new furniture was installed, I tried it on to see how it match from multiple carry positions and butt stock settings. I discovered the two lowest placing of the butt stock most comfortable.

The following day I went to pull the trigger and then throw down some lead range and watch just how an Intrafuse stood up to use on the firing line. There was an unmistakable difference in the way an SKS managed. Even with no vertical grip installed it was a whole lot much more comfortable to shoot. With the vertical grip installed, he shot as a precision strategic weapon. It had been simpler to find the SKS set up and on target. After a few rounds, I couldn’t longer withstand the rapid fire test. Newly found control was quite welcomed.

After about 50% of 30 round magazines in the fastest fire speed, I could get, I was formally impressed. There was practically no muzzle increase the whole time, and it was the most comfortable encounter ever with the SKS. To utilize the bipod mentioned earlier, it was as straightforward as pulling the plug from the base of the vertical grip and inserting the top of the bipod. The legs of the bipod made it smooth and easy to move the gun to any target area. My only complaint about the bipod will be that it didn’t secure into the vertical grip quite well due to the traction being the short model.

I’m confident the bipod would secure better at the longer vertical grip being that it’d have room to be completely added. The most remarkable things about the vertical grip would need to be the comfort and increased control. The brief grip is just the right length to be capable of getting comfortable and still give you the room required to remove a 30 round magazines without hindrance from the vertical grip. If you’re seeking to create your SKS more functional and better looking there’s no doubt the TAPCO Intrafuse stock system will be an excellent option. Especially being you can select one up for under $100. It is time for the difficult hand, remove the TAPCO products off and box up to them and return them. I know exactly what to place on rdquo & my Gun Gear, want record after feeling the Intrafuse System in action.