The Samson Evolution Rail – A rundown on the impressive upgrade

Free floating and modular hand guards have been in vogue for quite some time now. Whether you are law enforcement, military or a weapon aficionado, a well made rail system is an ideal upgrade for your weapon. Keeping that in mind, the Samson Evolution Rail system is turning out to be a great choice among free floating hand guards. Among the many positives is it’s significantly less bulk and hard wearing, enduring and flexible design. Here is a rundown on its various attributes, positive and negative, to help you make an informed decision on your weapon upgrade.

The Positives

  • Build and Quality: The components, as with other Samson Manufacturing products, are of exceptional quality with perfect machining. It is Matte Black with Mil Spec Type III Anodizing. The S Shaped cuts do not have any sharp edges and are present throughout the rail to aid in heat dissipation. Weighing just about 10.8 ounces together with the AR-15 barrel nut, the rail is light, quick to install and easy to handle. The diameter of the rail is about 1.75” at its widest point and fits a normal hand size pretty well.
  • Tensioning and Grip: The unique multi-sided / multi-lateral tube design ensures greater grip. The tensioning component also serves as the heat sink for this rail. The 2 helicoil inserts on the lock up segment need to be torque down. When done accurately, this results is Zero flex and for a light weight free floating rail of this type, lack of flex is a pretty extraordinary attribute.
  • Mount: The 3 rail sections that come in the package mount easily and can be secured perfectly. The backer which serves to lock the 1913 segment is molded to the rail and the 2 anti-rotation tabs are molded to the upper receiver, hence the sections will not budge when they have been thoroughly torque down.

The Drawbacks

The drawbacks aren’t many and might also differ with individual preferences. What might seem negative to one individual might hardly matter to another.

  • The lock up mechanism is quite effective and the thermal collar is well molded to the splines on the AR15 barrel nut. This ensures that there is no flex or movement. With the anti-rotation tabs adding to the system, the rail is rock solid regardless of the kind of pressure that is applied to it. Yet there is a remote possibility of this system faltering as it is held together by only 2 screws without securing on to the upper or barrel nut.
  • Though this might not be the case with every shooter or rifle, the 11” rail might just fall short for some front sight bases with the front portion of the gas block being exposed.
  • The locking collar might turn out to be a major hassle as it does not allow the upper from opening completely. This drawback could and should be taken up and resolved by Samson in future productions.

The Samson Evolution Rail is perfect for those who prefer a light weight modular hand guard that is high on quality and low on price. With the robust design, effective heat dissipation mechanism, great grip and simple installation, it is sure to be a worthy addition to your rifle.