Atlas Bipod Review

If you are into shooting activities, one of the tools that you should consider to have is something that will help you get a clear shot. With that, you should consider Atlas Bipod. This is a tool that is highly recommended for long range target shooting. This is also perfect when the ground is unpredictable. You must have to remember that you can be shooting in a ground that is not flat.

Atlas bipod is created by Accu-Shot B&T Industries in the USA. This company has been founded in 1997 and they started their business by providing monopods that are both durable and also very easy to use. This product that they have created has made a great hit in the world of law enforcers and military men as soon as it was released. People who use snipers in the military field specially appreciate this. With that, the company made it a point to explore and to make another product that is equally useful like the first product. This is when the Atlas Bipod was created.

Here are the different features of the product:

  • The developer claims that this is created with the quality that is equivalent to the one that an aircraft grade parts have. It is perfect in a way that you will not find the same product from other companies that is equivalent to it.
  • The AR-15 bipod is 12.7 ounces in weight. This is made of machined stainless steel with the combination of aircraft grade aluminum. With this, it comes in as light and easy to carry. This is actually lighter compared to the other competitors.
  • The main reason why you should purchase this tool is to make sure that you will be able to mount your gun in a position that will be perfect for shooting. There are five different positions on how you can deploy this Atlas Bipod. After deploying you can easily lock it. All you need to do is to move the button that is designated for the leg and you can easily move it to the direction that you prefer.
  • This tool is also very flexible. You can easily align the rifle that you use with it. No matter what type of terrain you have in the place where you are shooting, you can always use the aligning and tilting feature for your advantage.
  • This can be used for a lot of AR format rifles. You do not have to worry about purchasing different sizes for different riffles because you will surely be able to use this even when you change the rifle that you are using.
  • And of course, you will then be able to have a long range shot with more accuracy. This is the promise of this Atlas Bipod. You will then be able to shoot in a more flexible and more accurate position.


So next time you are looking for the best way to make shooting better, you can consider Atlas Bipod.