Eotech 512 Sight

For those who enjoy shooting faun as a hobby or a sport, the Eotech 512 holographic site is an ideal product thanks to its versatility and speed for close-in combat conditions. This is because the Eotech 512 illuminates the target using a laser light that in turn highlights the holographic red reticle on the plane of the target itself, making it easier to focus in and hit what you aiming.

The Eotech 512 offers a number of advantages from acquiring the target, offering better control and increasing your own accuracy. In addition, this device is constructed with a tough aluminum hood assembly which means it will hold up under most conditions for many years and has a knobbed mounting bolt that does not require tools.

Eotech-Military-DiscountThis device is electrical in operation and required two AA batteries as does use Weaver rails or 1” Picatinny for support. The Eotech 512.A65 represents the latest in digital electronics design when it comes to proper sighting in many different types of lighting conditions. The microprocessors help control the brightness, check the batter and indicate the programmable features as well.

The Eotech Bat Ret Ptrn MOA is a tough, durable device that is designed to absorb the bumps, impacts and shocks that occur when carrying around the rifle. By using holographic technology, it provides maximum information to the user for the best targeting possible.

What You See with the Eotech 512

When looking into the window, you’ll see a red reticle pattern image that is an overlay of the visual pattern. In this manner, you can see both the target and the information needed to hit the target as accurately as possible. There are a number of features that this device offers as well;

  • Waterproof, Fog Proof, Anti-Glare and Shatter-Resistant
  • Parallax-free transmission of the optics
  • 1x Magnification
  • Tremendous Eye Relief
  • Automatic Shut Down from 4 to 8 Hours
  • Lightweight & Highly Durable

Why You Should Choose the Eotech 512 System

There are a number of reasons why these versions of the Eotech 512 are highly desirable, but first and foremost it allows you to acquire the target more quickly and easily than many other systems. Because it is lightweight and uses either Weaver rails or 1” Picatinny, it can be mounted rather simply as well. In this manner, you can use this device to hone in on your target and have all the information needed for a quick strike.

Furthermore, the ease of eye strain makes this device easy to use over a long period of time. For all types of hobbies, sports and competitions were endurance is a requirement, the Eotech 512 offers what is needed to help promote the best in terms of targeting without unduly straining the eyes. Best of all, the complete package is modestly priced and well worth the investment for the payoff it brings.

The Eotech 512 series is certainly one of the best on the market today, providing many advantages for those in the hobby while being modestly priced.