UM Tactical’s UM-3 Handgun Scope Mount – A Pioneering effort

While there are quite a number of options and methods to bring in more accuracy and precision when using a rifle, handgun users mostly rely on their personal skills. There are umpteen numbers of scopes and sights that utilize a variety of components and systems to enhance precision when it comes to rifles and an equally good number of mounts to attach them to. It is about time that someone introduced a handgun scope mount that is reliable, durable and easy to use. UM Tactical answers this call with the unique and exclusive universal handgun scope mount that aids competition shooters, hunters and all handgun aficionados who are looking to enhance their speed of shooting and accuracy.

The Florida based company’s UM-3 is a pioneering product that can be installed and uninstalled on a majority of handguns available in the market in less than a minute’s time. The best part is that it does not require the use of any external tools or gunsmithing to assemble. All sight systems that are compatible with Picatinny Rails can be attached to the mount once the sight rail has been put in place. There is also a bottom rail which enables users to add light, laser and various other tactical fixtures as needed.

As the company’s Managing Partner indicates, there are quite a number of benefits to using optical sights on handguns. Sights on handguns allow tactical shooters to operate effectively and with great accuracy under a range of environments, conditions and positions.  At the same time, competition shooters can quickly and effortlessly change sights to accommodate the changing rules of different events. For those shooters whose accuracy is inhibited by old age or eye sight issues, sights help bring the target and aiming point on to the same visual plane. Through the addition of long eye relief and pistol scope, it is possible for shooters to gauge the precision level of handguns as it will sharpen sight image while ensuring accurate placement of bullets.

Mounting scopes on handguns has never been a simple, undemanding affair. The process is usually expensive and requires custom modifications. From machining new base and transforming the handgun to be compatible with the base to huge investment in terms of time and money, the hassles were many. With UM-3 though, these issues are cut relatively short as the product enables all kinds of shooters to add their preferred scope to the handgun in matter of minutes.

While the durability factor is taken care of by the T6 Aluminum alloy from which the mount is made, the flexibility it offers is extremely high. With no tools needed to append the scope mount and no modifications required to the general nature of the firearm, the UM-3 is a fine investment for any handgun enthusiast. More information, pictures and how-to videos are available on their website.