Aimpoint VS Eotech

The disadvantage of using these sights is that they have no optical magnification, highly dependable on batteries, have lots of fakes and quite expensive to purchase.

Aimpoint, then again, is a Swedish company that began in 1974 with the objective to enhance shooting precision. Aimpoint’s test was, to make a locating engineering that would permit shooters to get their target quickly, and to hit moving focuses in all climate and lighting conditions reliably and precisely.”

Eotech, or Electro-Optics Technology is one modest corner of the monstrous L-3 Communications Corporation situated in the United States. While L-3 may sound harmless, it is, in their own particular words, “A prime contractor in aerospace systems and national security solutions.  L-3 is also a leading provider of a broad range of communication and electronic systems and products used on military and commercial platforms.”

On the surface of this Eotech or Aimpoint choice, it is not difficult to hook onto one particular specification and use it for self-defense. Aimpoint wins on being waterproof. Eotech wins on utilization with both eyes open. . Eotech typically wins on cost. Aimpoint dependably wins on battery life. Eotech wins on reticle choices Aimpoint wins for staying on until the battery kicks the runs out or it is stopped. Eotech wins for clearest glass. Aimpoint wins for least complex red speck. Eotech wins for most tiny dot which is better for long range shooting.  Aimpoint wins again on battery life (worth specifying twice. It’s that great!). Andeotech wins for being the optic that the Seal Team Six part used on the SBR that executed the famous Osama Bin Laden.

The specification of the Aimpoint CompM3:

Battery: Lithium type 2L76 or DL1/3N

Submersible to 135 feet or 45 meters

Weight: 7.8 ounces or 220 grams

Battery life ~50,000 hours

Smallest center dot size: 2MOA.

The specifications of the EOTech XPS2:

Battery: Lithium type 123

Submersible to 10 feet or 3 meters

Battery life ~600 hours

Weight: 8 ounces or 227 grams

Smallest center dot size: 1MOA

As an owner of Aimpoint CompM3 Eotech XPS , I can see qualities and shortcomings while using the both of them. Although it is just about difficult to beat the five-year battery life of the Aimpoint, it is likewise simple to contend that if in CQB or running-and-gunning, the Eotech gives the speediest target obtaining and slightest impeded field of perspective which is the principle motivation behind the sights.

The Aimpoint utilizes a reflected LED (light transmitting diode). The Eotech utilizes a laser to extend an apparently three-dimensional picture on holographic film reinforced to within the glass window. The optical physical science keep both sights without parallax, yet the additional juice required to power a laser pillar contrasted with the electron-tasting LED light is to be faulted for the amazing contrast in battery life between the two sights.

At first glance, it creates the impression that the Aimpoint either wins or ties in every classification, with the battery sort as the main easily proven wrong exemption. Obviously, the insights don’t recount the entire story, and for this situation we will leave a lot of space for your assumptions.

Both optics are undoubtedly champs, and each has qualities and shortcomings relying upon the specific survival circumstance. One sight may be snappier on target, while the other sight may be more prone to paint a target when pulled from the weapon safe years after the fact.

Look and feel

Generally, I discover the Aimpoint spot is liable to communication with the foundation colors and shine while the Eotech is much faster on target when raising the rifle. I can just see and point the Eotech reticle while the. I can’t overlook the encircling impact of the Eotech’s metal lodging. Its slimness vanishes when stalking the war zone with both eyes completely open. Then again, the client interface  are not something I like. While very little remembrance is obliged, a few is whether you need to augment their usefulness. Furthermore I detest memorizing yet an alternate set of catch charges (which is likely why I have such a proclivity for Glocks).

The Eotech is a decent specialist putting in a genuine eight-hour day of holographic projection before closing down all alone. Then again, the Aimpoint is a genuine officer that will continue lighting up the visual cue of effect non-stop until triumph or battery passing. Despite the fact that the likelihood of a sight going dull exactly when your life relies on upon it is to a great degree farfetched, it does move around in the once more of my head as something unsatisfactory. However like most enormous survival circumstances, restarting the Eotech is likely the slightest of my issues.

The Aimpoint is extremely straightforward. Hazardous to the terrible fellow, that is. With battery life in overabundance of five years of steady on, users frequently report never stopping the sight and changing the battery on their birthday either consistently or each odd year. What’s more in the event that you’ve ever accomplished a dead electronic sight, you will comprehend why somebody would use a little fortune on excellent reinforcement iron sights (regardless of the fact that they are made of polymer).

The Aimpoint feels much greater on the firearm to me. It has a thick dark ring encompassing the straightforward optics that when tied with the eye-level battery compartment obstructs a lot of paramount visual land that could have been used on bad folks.


The Aimpoint’s client interface is as straightforward as winding a handle clockwise to make the spot brighter, and contorting it the other approach to turn it off or make the dot dimmer or. The strange batteries that the CompM3 consumes are discovered no place else in my tactical ecosystem, while the Eotech’s 123 batteries are additionally stuffed into all my Surefire weapons lights. The main other one-off batteries in my unit live in my Leica rangefinder.

Presently you know where I stand so let us know what you think. What side are you on in the Eotech versus Aimpoint discuss? Yes, I thoroughly understand the Trijicons on the higher end, and the various red spot and reflex sights on the lower end, yet how about we keep this civil argument in the middle of Eotech and Aimpoint.