ati forend grip reviews

ati forend grip is Not too bad.

Fits like not too bad. Fits like a champ. Multiple positions on the handle. Not that you would use many of them, but it is adjustable. Doesn’t look too bad on the mini 14 with the ATI stock.

ati forend grip is a Solid product

Please put this on my ATI stock to make an excellent addition to the overall platform. I’m looking forward to declaring war on the enemy of our deer population; coyotes are in trouble. Thanks, ATI\

Too much side play

The foregrip feels solid as to front to rear movement; as to side play, I wouldn’t say I liked the loose feeling I added some thin washers. This removed the side play.

Great “Grip”

I bought this to match the other ATI outdoors that came as standard on my new Ruger 10/22 Tactical Talo rifle. The handle is nice a “fat,” just like the pistol grip. Folds away and takes 10 seconds to install with a screwdriver. The only thing that could make it any better is if it were a combo “Grip/BiPod unit where the feet pop out the bottom with a button. That would be awesome I would but that also no matter if it were $50.00

Not too bad

It’s comfortable, and it does its job. Easy storage. I had to do a little work with a file to take off sharp edges. I go a little more in-depth, and I’ll probably make a follow up in the future.

have not been able

I have not been able to shoot with the new stock yet, but the install went well with just one hit with a file for clearance. The only issue is that the sliding but stock takes a LOT of force to slide at first, only when expanding from its most closed position. Is this normal? Should I request a replacement sliding mech? Before I start putting rounds table
rough it?