Grip Pod Reviews

I was a little.

I was a little disappointed with the Grip Pod at the feel of the unit, kind of lightweight feels like it will not last long. I do not deploy the legs without slowing them down; I’m afraid one day they will just keep going and end up at my feet.

This Grip Pod is excellent …

This Grip Pod is an excellent compromise. A dedicated foregrip is a little more comfortable, but this one works. It’s also a surprisingly stable bipod. The only drawbacks are that it is heavier and slightly longer than a regular forward grip — overall, an excellent product.

Exactly does what it …

The Grip Pod does what it says, quick release and great mount, no wiggle, the pop-out button is easy to push and fast bi-pod deployment but very loud, the bipod legs are all polymer and bend easily I think the company made a better version with steel reinforced legs

I think this product is …

I think this Vertical Grip Bipod is excellent. It got to me on time; it’s tough, very well made. And it feels good in my hand. And looks great on my Sig 556. I recommend that you place your hand under the bipod when deploying to extend the life of the unit.

This is a great product. …

This is a great product. The legs hold up to much more abuse than I expected. I can lean into the rifle with the feet of the legs against a solid ledge, so the legs actually bend without any issues what so ever. I’ve tried to break the legs leaning into them, and they refuse to die. One of the best ar-15 accessories that I have bought.

Love it!

My son gave me one of th heavy-duty, military models and I really liked it. This duplicates the performance of the more expensive model and 1/3 less price. It is a popular accessory at our house.

Well made but a bit bulky

Too long for a bullpup, which I was going to use it on. Seemed well made, though, I really like the quick detach feature. Solid construction but a better fit for a larger rifle than a carbine/bullpup type.

Awsome, it is not but woks as designed.

I am using this on a semi long-range AR build. It is sturdy, compact, lighter than my metal ones on other weapons. Good product so far. I have used it at the range several times so far, but nothing like it would be used in an actual situation such as combat. Will it hold up? Only time will tell, but I like it so far. The only thing I would like is maybe another inch of length.