Mesa Tactical’s Urbino Shotgun Stock Review

The first thing I do when I get a new shotgun is take it to be properly fitted to me. A shotgun fitter takes measurements and makes adjustments to my shotgun, so my accuracy is increased: every time I mount my shotgun, my eye is precisely and consistently lined up with the shotgun sights.

If you don’t have a great cheek weld on your shotgun, your accuracy will suffer greatly. My Remington 870 shotgun is a terrific example of this: I had, for the most part, absolutely zero cheek weld because the comb on the shotgun is too low. If I wanted to clearly see the ghost ring sights, I had to lift my head up and align my eyes with the sights. This meant that every shot I took, I had to waste a few extra seconds to readjust my sights and get properly aligned. Wasted time is a waste, whether you’re in a competition shoot or a defensive situation.

That’s where Mesa Tactical’s Urbino Shotgun Stock comes in, with its pistol grip and adjustable riser with five heights. You install the stock the same as you install any other Remington 870 stock, and then slip the riser on or off. Next, try out the different height settings until you get a comfortable and consistent sight picture when you mount the gun. The riser is a bit of a tight fit, so I recommend using a rubber mallet to fit it; once it’s on, it ain’t going anywhere!

Through trial and error, I was able to find the right comb height setting for me. Each time I adjusted the height setting, I would mount the shotgun nine or ten times and check if the sight was naturally aligned for me or not. The result of this is that I now have a repeatable, reliable cheek weld when I mount my Remington 870 shotgun.

In addition to the stock and riser, the kit includes sling mounts along with a Limbsaver butt pad, for better recoil absorption and comfort. The Urbino Shotgun Stock allows you to use sling mounts like side saddles and others, too. For the Remington 870 model, you can get an Urbino Shotgun Stock for $130.00. You can also get the Urbino for the Remington 1100 and 11-87 and the Bennelli M1, M2, and M4, for 12 gauge only.