Streamlight tlr7 reviews

Very pleased with the Streamlight tlr7

Pros: my hands/ at least fingers are long, so hitting the pad to turn on the light is a breeze. However, this can be a con for those who may be used to an APLc or have smaller hands. The Streamlight tlr7 is a Very tiny package with a low profile, so it seems to fit flush on my carry opts (sig x-carry & Glock 19). 500 Lumens with the size above is unheard of at least with light that is easy to find holsters for, in my opinion. It also comes with adapter plates for mounting to specific rails, which is a plus. The instruction manual will let you know the right adapter for your pistol. If your gun isn’t present, there is a universal option; however, I would advise you to do some research and call stream light. Very well made, I’ve dropped it several times during install. Range wise so far only 200 rds and it stays on through shots. You have a strobe option via rapidly pressing the activation button 10 times and on the 10th press hold down until the light strobes then cuts off on its own. Lastly, if you’re worried about battery life, you can manually turn the device off without having to remove the battery or light from the gun.

The Streamlight tlr7 is a Great Choice

So glad that I went with this light. The quality is excellent; it adds so little weight to the gun, that I barely notice it. Ridiculously easy to install, and so far, has stayed secure through a few hundred rounds at the range. It comes with a battery, and a myriad of adapters for different rails, manufacturers, and models. I got this for my wife’s S&W .380EZ and have only two minor gripes: The adapter that the instructions recommended for “all S&W Shield Models” did not fit well, however when I swapped in (the included) Picatinny 3 adapter, it fit perfectly. The light backs up snugly against the trigger guard, and the lens does not protrude beyond the end of the slide. Perfect for use with a home defense pistol, though at this point, I have had difficulty finding a holster that will accommodate it for night CCW. In all, absolutely no regrets about my purchase, and my only decision will be whether to buy another for my other pistol or go all-in on the streamlight tlr 8 so that I will have a laser as well.

Another great Streamlight product…

I replaced my APL-C on my G19 with this light. I’m a big fan of the activation method over the old lever style. This puts out more light than the APL-C and has a little better throw pattern. The light is a little more yellow, but nothing I can’t live with. The only other thing I think the APL-C has over this light is the activation paddles are more comfortable to use. Having larger hands is an advantage with this light, as the buttons are harder to reach than the APL-C. Even with these “flaws”, I’m sticking with this light. I’ve never had an issue with Streamlight products.

The Streamlight tlr7 is a Excellent light

Attached the Streamlight tlr7 to Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry, and it fits like a glove. The light is entirely in line with the edge of the gun. The toggle buttons aren’t as easy to operate as paddle buttons but are workable with practice. The light has two modes, standard, and strobe. The strobe has to be enabled but pressing the button repeatedly in a pattern to allow, but once enabled is a couple of clicks away. The light could be brighter, but it does last a long while.

Bought to use on Glock G45, beautiful well made light that fits correctly using the standard adaptor.

Was worried about the ability to activate the Streamlight tlr7 light with no grip adjustments in either hand, trigger finger falls onto light switch naturally with no grip changes. As you can see from the photo, this light fits the G45/ G17 frame perfectly.

The Streamlight tlr7 is a Nice well made light

Excellent beam output with well defined hot spot and adequate spill to fill a standard size room without actually pointing the firearm at a target. I have found there to plenty of light to ID a target while looking to the gun at the floor a few feet in front of me, no need to sweep the room to get a clear idea as to threats. Easy to switch to strobe mode, not sure if I will keep the strobe mode turned on … I like the simple controls, one tap for steady light, and hold for momentary simple gross motor skills. Well worth the price paid.

Sleek design…

I like it. The Streamlight tlr7 push button switch is different than the streamlight tlr-1 rocker arm style, but it all comes down to (re)training.

The new Streamlight tlr7 and tlr8 designed is better in that you can say goodbye to broken battery doors than can happen with the one series. I’m waiting on a replacement battery door for my busted TLR1 to arrive tomorrow.

I particularly like the bezel lockout feature that effectively renders the light of so as not to have it turn on when you don’t need the light to be in service. Just a 1/4 turn, and it’s hard OFF or ON and actuated by the buttons.

The TLR-7/8 is sleeker, but it’s “only” 500 lumens as compared to the 800 lumens streamlight tlr-1 hl. The size reduction is an improvement, not to mention a 150 lumens increase over the TLR-1.