The new reliable, robust and compact Spitfire Rifle scopes from Vortex

Continuing their immaculate and innovative attempts at providing unique and functional rifle scope, Vortex has come up with one specially built for the AR platform. The Vortex Spitfire riflescopes is an interesting and durable addition to their product line, awarding the users with great performance and durability. The design that blends strength and compactness rides high on performance, simplicity and efficiency.

Vortex Optics– A spotlight

Vortex Optics is a Wisconsin based company that designs, builds and delivers a wide range of optics like high-quality binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes and other accessories like tripods. The all-American owned company is well known in the gun circuit for putting forth supreme quality products that provide great value for money. Riding on a 20 year experience in the industry with exceptional customer service and product engineering capabilities, the company offers its customers unconditional, transferable and life time VIP warranty which has in turn increased its market share considerably over the years.

Spitfire Riflescopes – Highlights

  • Target Acquisition: If you are looking for a rifle scope that offers fantastic close to medium range shooting efficiency, the 1X and 3X models of Spitfire are perfect choices. These fixed models aid shooters in quick target acquisition.
  • Optical system: The optical system is prism based and ensures superior quality and resolution while being remarkably compact and easy to handle. The lenses have multiple coats of anti-reflective material that assure clear and vivid views even under unfavorable lighting conditions. The flip caps ensure that lenses are shielded at all times and are protected against dust, dirt and debris when left unused.
  • Reticles: The green and red illuminated reticles are equipped with 5 intensity level regulation features that allow the user to operate efficiently under varied environmental and lighting conditions. To improve point of aim irrespective of the illumination and condition, the reticles have been stamped onto the prism. The 1X Dual Ring Tactical reticle ensures that shooters have quick target acquisition potential and the 3X uses EBR-556B reticle serves to support the .556 cartridge. The reticle focus is on rear ocular.
  • Mount and Rail: The mount system provides shooters with two options, 30mm and 40mm mounting heights. 3X has a dual rail system that appends the optic with an offset, supplementary reflex sight.
  • Build: The riflescope has been built to endure shock and recoil effectively. The Nitrogen gas removing o-ring seals ensure that it is fog-proof and water proof. It comes with a hard-anodized black matte finish.