Trijicon Reflex Sight: Green Dot Reticles

Just when we all thought Trijicon’s Reflex line couldn’t get any better. Known for it’s well-established and robust group of sights, the company has really outdone itself this time by improving it’s line of sights even further.

Exciting news for all enthusiasts out there, Trijicon has now offered their Reflex sight which comes with a green-dot reticle option, that is brand new for 2014. This is something a lot of firearm enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for. According to a spokesman for Trijicon, the brand new reticle provides “an incredibly visible reference primarily for close-in shooting” and also not forgetting to mention precise aiming. The Reflex’s bespoke green-dot reticle offers an incredibly high visible reference for shooting close range that also provides a precision aiming point thus without obscuring the target at extended ranges. The sight was specifically created for close-quarter use and guarantees fast target acquisition with out of this world accuracy. An ample part of that accuracy is mainly down to the fact that the sight is supposed to be used with both the users eyes open. Even if you have a carbine, rifle, or even a shotgun, the Reflex has been a superior sight for many years.

The 1×42 Trijicon Reflex sight has a significantly larger sight picture and known to be robust and built to last; which allows itself to serve as a strong optic for machine guns and quick target gain.

The Reflex has become considerably well known for its durable aluminum alloy housing. The sight has been routinely tested by military standards. This surprisingly study sight was manufactured to withstand the hardship of tough use under the most stressful and severe environmental conditions. Not only that, the sight also provides battery-free true-color, multi-coated and illumination lenses that fuse the distinctive illumination components of Tritium with the outstanding light gathering capacity of advanced fiber optics, which allows for the delivery of maximum dependability and visibility dependability when the call to action is made.

The Trijicon Reflex sight is unarguably robust, and boasts its battery free lenses, along with its dual-illuminated sight as previously mentioned. These points alone make this sight highly regarded for its ability to allow quick, pinpoint accuracy. With a wide variety of possible mounting options readily available, the Reflex is undoubtedly an ideal choice.

The Reflex is certainly a tough sight to be beat on the market both in cost and it’s ability to withstand harsh situations. Trijicon are so confident that their sight will last you longer than a lifetime that it come with a limited-lifetime warranty. Lastly, it’s currently reported that the new Trijicon Reflex reticle will be made available in 6.5 MOA and 4.5 MOA dot sizes.

Reflex’s Green-Dot Overview:



    A consolidation of tritium and fiber optics that will provide an illuminated reticle. This means batteries are not necessary.


    A housing built from durable aluminum-alloy used on aircraft for an indestructible sighting system.


    The sight provides a unique wide band light transmission.


    A variety of platform applications which includes bolt action rifles, carbines and shotguns.


    Manufactured to withstand the shock and physical stress from ground soldier weapons platforms.


    Warrantied to illuminate for  up to 15 years from the date of its original manufacture.